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Gestational diabetes

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Gestational diabetes (or gestational diabetes mellitus, GDM) is a treatable medical condition in which non-diabetic women exhibit high blood glucose levels during pregnancy. GDM affects 3-10% of pregnancies, placing the mothers at increased risk of developing type-2 diabetes after pregnancy, and increasing the odds that their offspring will be prone to childhood obesity and type-2 diabetes later in life. Wikipedia

Several studies have reported that numerous SNPs previously shown in large studies to be associated with increased risk for type-2 diabetes can also be shown to be associated with increased risk for gestational diabetes. Specific SNPs confirmed in such studies include:

Studies reporting these associations include:

  • [PMID 19002430] studying 869 Korean women with GDM and 345 female and 287 male Korean non-diabetic controls
  • [PMID 18984664] analyzing a cohort of Danish women with a history of GDM (n=283) and in glucose tolerant women of the population-based Inter99 cohort (n=2,446)
  • [PMID 22233651] analyzing a cohort of 468 Korean women with GDM and 1242 nondiabetic control women