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What is Promethease?[edit]

Promethease is a literature retrieval system that creates a personal DNA report based on your DNA data, taking into account all the scientific and medical literature cited in SNPedia. Customers of DNA testing services (Ancestry.com, 23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA, Genos, Complete Genomics, WeGene, ...) use Promethease to learn more about their DNA variants, independent of whichever company produced the raw DNA data.

To make a report go to URL promethease.com

This takes about 10-20 minutes and costs $5 (all credit cards and major currencies including Bitcoin are accepted).

How-to videos

Sample Promethease reports from a person tested on different 23andMe DNA chip versions:

Sample Promethease reports for another person based on data from different companies (23andMe, FamilyTreeDNA):

Sample Promethease reports from different people and companies:

Tell Me More[edit]

  • Promethease/Learn_More
  • A self-guiding Tutorial also appears each time a Promethease report is opened
  • Users may pool data from different companies together (and see any data conflicts)
  • SNPedia and Promethease are proud to have been helping people learn about their DNA for over a decade
  • Need to learn some basic genetics? Check out this SNPedia FAQ


  1. This one shows risks when taking medicines called statins
  2. Paid runs include an interactive report

We do not store your genome data or your report, so while most users remain completely anonymous and private, these people have chosen to share their real Promethease reports as examples.



Report problems and workarounds at Talk:Promethease or email bugs@promethease.com.

If you'd like to test it, you can use this as test data.

Promethease and your privacy

How to get your raw data

These file formats are understood.

Interested in asking questions or discussing results with a genetic counselor? See Find a genetic counselor

For colorblind usersː In Promethease you can change the colors of your Promethease report to improve legibility. Just change the 'Vision' pull-down located below and to the left of the pie chart in the sidebar to the right.

Read more about certain features of Promethease.

Desktop Downloads[edit]

The earliest versions of Promethease ran on a desktop computer, unlike the current version which runs over the web. But there are also many more bug reports related to these versions, because it is hard to support every version of Windows, Mac and Linux, and to deal with firewalls, antivirus apps, and the other differences on each machine. So you can run Promethease from your own machine, and I will still issue refunds for reported bugs, but do understand you're much more likely to have a problem.

Free runs take approximately 24 hours to run. An optional $9 payment per run unlocks extra features and reduces runtime to approximately 10 minutes.

For more information see Promethease/Desktop


If you have any problems, we're good about refunds, but it can sometimes take 24h before you'll get a response to your mail. Please be patient, and send detailed bug reports to info@snpedia.com. Please notify promptly, as we are unable to issue refunds for transactions after 5 days.