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Haplogroup Parent Haplogroup Publication Defining SNPs 23andMe Genoset deCodeMe Genoset Full Genomic Sequence (FTDNA and Argus Bio)
A root M91, P97 (23andMe)
A1 A P108 (23andMe)
A1a A1 M31 (23andMe), P82
A1b A1 P114 (23andMe)
A2 A M6, M14, M23 (23andMe), M29/P3/PN3 (23andMe), M49, M71, M135 (23andMe), M141 (23andMe), M196, M206, M212, M276/P247, M277/P248, MEH1 (23andMe), P4 (23andMe), P5 (23andMe), P36.1
A2a A2 M114 (23andMe)
A2b A2 P28 (23andMe)
A2c A2 P262 (23andMe)
A3 A M32 (23andMe)
A3a A3 M28 (private, 23andMe), M59 (private, 23andMe)
A3b A3 M144, M190, M220, P289 (23andMe)
A3b1 A3b M51, P100, P291
A3b1a A3b1 P71 (23andMe), P102(23andMe)
A3b2 A3b M13, M127 (23andMe), M202, M219, M305
A3b2a A3b2 M171 (private, 23andMe)
A3b2b A3b2 M118 (23andMe)
BT root SRY1532.1/SRY10831.1, M42, M94, M139, M299
B BT M60, M181, P85, P90 (23andMe)
B1 B M236 (23andMe), M288 (23andMe)
B1a B1 M146 (23andMe)
B2 B M182
B2a B2 M150 (23andMe)
B2a1 B2a M218
B2a1a B2a1 M109 (23andMe), M152 (23andMe), P32, P50
B2a2 B2a M108.1
B2a2a B2a2 M43 (23andMe), P111 (23andMe)
B2b B2 M112 (23andMe), M192, 50f2(P) (23andMe)
B2b1 B2b P6 (23andMe)
B2b2 B2b M115 (23andMe), M169
B2b3 B2b M30 (23andMe), M129 (23andMe)
B2b3a B2b3 M108.2
B2b4 B2b P7 (23andMe)
B2b4a B2b4 P8 (23andMe), P70 (23andMe)
B2b4b B2b4 MSY2.1 (23andMe), M211
B2c B2 P112 (23andMe)
CF BT M168, M181, P85, P90
DE CF M1/YAP, M145/P205, M203, P144, P153, P165, P167, P183
D DE M174, 021355
D1 D M15
D1a D1 N1
D1a1 D1a N2
D2 D M55, M57 (23andMe), M64.1, M179, M359.1/P41.1 (23andMe), P37.1 (23andMe), P190 (23andMe), 12f2.2
D2a D2 M116.1 (23andMe)
D2a1 D2a M125 (23andMe)
D2a1a D2a1 P42 (23andMe)
D2a1a1 D2a1a P12 (23andMe)
D2a1b D2a1 IMS-JST022457
D2a1b1 D2a1b P53.2 (23andMe)
D2a2 D2a M151 (23andMe)
D2a3 D2a P120 (23andMe)
D3 D P99 (23andMe)
D3a D P47 (23andMe)
E DE M40/SRY4064/SRY8299, M96, P29 (23andMe), P150, P152, P154, P155, P156, P162, P168, P169, P170, P171, P172, P173, P174, P175, P176
E1 E P147
E1a E1 M33 (23andMe), M132
E1a1 E1a M44 (23andMe)
E1a2 E1a P110 (23andMe)
E1a3 E1a L133
E1a4 E1a L94
E1b E1 P177
E1b1 E1b DYS391p (23andMe), P2/PN2, P179, P180, P181
E1b1a E1b1 DYS271/M2/SY81, M180/P88, P1/PN1 (23andMe), P46, P182, P189, P211, P293
E1b1a1 E1b1a M58 (23andMe)
E1b1a2 E1b1a M116.2 (private, 23andMe)
E1b1a3 E1b1a M149 (private, 23andMe)
E1b1a4 E1b1a M154 (23andMe)
E1b1a5 E1b1a M155 (private, 23andMe)
E1b1a6 E1b1a M10, M66, M156 (23andMe), M195
E1b1a7 E1b1a M191/P86, U186, P253/U247
E1b1a7a E1b1a7 P252/U174
E1b1a7a1 E1b1a7a P9.2 (23andMe)
E1b1a7a2 E1b1a7a P115 (23andMe)
E1b1a7a3 E1b1a7a P116 (23andMe)
E1b1a7a3a E1b1a7a3 P113 (23andMe)
E1b1a8 E1b1a U175
E1b1a8a E1b1a8 P277, P278, U209
E1b1a8a1 E1b1a8a U290
E1b1a8a1a E1b1a8a1 U181
E1b1a8a2 E1b1a8a P59 (23andMe)
E1b1a9 E1b1a P268 (23andMe), P269 (23andMe)
E1b1b E1b1 M215
E1b1b1 E1b1b M35 (23andMe), M243 (position relative to M281, V6, P72 and M293 uncertain)
E1b1b1a E1b1b1 L18 (position relative to M521 uncertain), M78 (23andMe), V68
E1b1b1a1 E1b1b1a V12 (23andMe)
E1b1b1a1a E1b1b1a1 M224 (23andMe)
E1b1b1a1b E1b1b1a1 V32 (23andMe)
E1b1b1a2 E1b1b1a V13 (23andMe), V36 (23andMe)
E1b1b1a2a E1b1b1a2 V27 (private, 23andMe)
E1b1b1a2b E1b1b1a2 P65
E1b1b1a2c E1b1b1a2 L17 (provisional)
E1b1b1a3 E1b1b1a V22 (23andMe)
E1b1b1a3a E1b1b1a3 M148 (private, 23andMe)
E1b1b1a3b E1b1b1a3 V19 (private, 23andMe)
E1b1b1a4 E1b1b1a V65 (23andMe), L66 (provisional), L67 (provisional) (L66 + L67 downstream or synonymous of E-V65)
E1b1b1a5 E1b1b1a M521
E1b1b1b E1b1b1 M81
E1b1b1b1 E1b1b1b M107 (private)
E1b1b1b2 E1b1b1b M183, M310 (provisional), L19 (provisional)
E1b1b1b2a E1b1b1b2 M165 (private, 23andMe)
E1b1b1c E1b1b1 M123 (23andMe)
E1b1b1c1 E1b1b1c M34 (23andMe)
E1b1b1c1a E1b1b1c1 M84, L29
E1b1b1c1a1 E1b1b1c1a M136
E1b1b1c1b E1b1b1c1 M290 (private)
E1b1b1d E1b1b1 M281 (private)
E1b1b1e E1b1b1 V6 (23andMe)
E1b1b1f E1b1b1 P72 (23andMe)
E1b1b1g E1b1b1 M293
E1b1c E1b1 M329 (confirmed within subclade)
E1b2 E1b P75 (provisional, 23andMe)
E2 E M75, P68
E2a E2 M41/P210
E2b E2 M54, M90, M98 (23andMe)
E2b1 E2b M85
E2b1a E2b1 M200
E2b1a1 E1b1a P45 (23andMe)
E2b1a2 E1b1b1 P258
C,F CF P143
C C,F M130/RPS4Y711, M216, P184 (23andMe), P255 (23andMe), P260 (23andMe)
C1 C M8, M105, M131 (23andMe), P122 (23andMe)
C1a C1 P121 (23andMe)
C2 C M38 (23andMe)
C2a C2 M208
C2a1 C2a P33 (23andMe)
C2a2 C2a P54 (23andMe)
C3 C M217, P44 (23andMe), PK2 (23andMe)
C3a C3 M93 (23andMe)
C3b C3 P39 (23andMe)
C3c C3 M48 (23andMe) , M77 (23andMe), M86
C3d C3 M407 (23andMe)
C3e C3 P53.1 (23andMe)
C3f C3 P62 (23andMe)
C4 C M347 (23andMe), P309
C4a C M210
C5 C M356 (23andMe)
C5a C5 P92 (23andMe)
C6 C P55 (23andMe)
F C,F M89, M213/P137, M235, P14 (23andMe), P133, P134, P135, P136, P138, P139, P140, P141, P142, P145, P146, P148, P149, P151, P157, P158, P160, P161, P163, P166, P187
F1 F P91, P104
F2 F M427, M428
F3 F P96
F4 F P254
G F M201, P257, U2, U3, U6, U7, U12, U17, U20, U27, U33
G1 G M285, M342 (23andMe)
G1a G1 P20
G1b G1 P76 (23andMe)
G2 G P287
G2a G2 L31/S149, P15, U5
G2a1 G2a P16 (23andMe)
G2a1a G2a1 P18 (23andMe)
G2a2 G2a M286
G2a3 G2a L30/S126, >L32/S148/U8
G2a3a G2a3 M406 (23andMe)
G2a3a1 G2a3a L14/S130/U16, L90/S133
G2a3a2 G2a3a L184, L185
G2a3b G2a3 L141
G2a3b1 G2a3b P303/S135, L140
G2a3b1a G2a3b1 U1
G2a3b1a1 G2a3b1a L13/S131/U13, L78
G2a3b1b G2a3b1 L43/S147
G2a3b1b1 G2a3b1b L42/S146
G2a3b1c G2a3b1 L139
G2a3b2 G2a3b L177
G2a4 G2a L91
G2b G2 M287
G2c G2 M377 (23andMe)
G2c1 G2c M283
H F M69, M370
H1 H M52 (23andMe)
H1a H1 M82
H1a1 H1a M36 (23andMe), M197
H1a2 H1a M97 (23andMe)
H1a3 H M39 (23andMe), M138 (23andMe)
H2 H Apt (23andMe)
H2a H P80, P314
H2b H P266 (23andMe)
IJK F L15/M523/S137, L16/M522/S138, L69.1(=G)/S163.1
IJ IJK M429/P125, P123, P124, P126, P127, P129, P130, S2, S22
I IJ L41, M170, M258, P19, P38, P212 (23andMe), U179
I1 IJ L75, L80, L81, L118, L121, L123, L125, M253, M307.1/P203.1, M450/S109, P30 (23andMe), P40 (23andMe), S62, S63, S64, S65, S66, S107, S108, S110, S111
I1a I1 M21 (probably private)
I1b I1 M227
I1b1 I1b M72
I1c I1 P259 (probably private, location relative to L22/S142 uncertain)
I1d I1 L22/S142 (23andMe)
I1d1 I1d P109 (23andMe)
I1e I1 S79 (probably private, confirmed within I1, exact location uncertain)
I2 I L68, M438/P215/S31
I2a I2 P37.2 (23andMe)
I2a1 I2a M26
I2a1a I2a1 M161 (23andMe)
I2a1b I2a1 L158, L159, L160
I2a2 I2a L178, M423 (23andMe)
I2a2a I2a2 L69.2(=T)/S163.2
I2a2a1 I2a2b P41.2/M359.2 (23andMe v1, 23andMe v2)
I2a2b I2a2 L161
I2b I2 L35, L37, M436/P214/S33, P216/S30, P217/S23, P218/S32
I2b1 I2b L34, L36, L59, M223 (23andMe), P219/S24, P220/S119, P221/S120, P222/U250/S118, P223/S117
I2b1a I2b1 M284 (23andMe)
I2b1a1 I2b1a L126/S165, L137/S166
I2b1b I2b1 M379 (23andMe)
I2b1c I2b1 P78 (23andMe)
I2b1d I2b1 P95 (23andMe)
I2b2 I2b L38/S154, L39/S155, L40/S156, L65/S159
J IJ 12f2.1, M304, P209, S6, S34, S35
J1 J M267
J1a J1 M62 (23andMe)
J1b J1 M365 (23andMe)
J1c J1 L136
J1c1 J1c M390 (23andMe)
J1c2 J1c P56 (23andMe)
J1c3 J1c P58
J1c3a J1c3 M367 (23andMe), M368 (23andMe)
J1c3b J1c3 M369 (23andMe)
J1c3c J1c3 L92, L93
J1c3d J1c3 L147
J1c3d1 J1c3d L122
J1c3d1a J1c3d1 L65.2/S159.2
J2 J M172
J2a J2 M410
J2a2 J2a M340 (23andMe)
J2a3 J2a P279
J2a4 J2a DYS413?18, L26/S57, L27
J2a4a J2a4 M47, M322
J2a4b J2a4 M67/S51
J2a4b1 J2a4b M92, M260
J2a4b1a J2a4b1 M327
J2a4b2 J2a4b M163, M166
J2a4c J2a4 M68
J2a4d J2a4 M319
J2a4e J2a4 M339
J2a4f J2a4 M419
J2a4g J2a4 P81
J2a4h J2a4 L24
J2a4h1 J2a4h L25
J2a4h1a J2a4h1 DYS445?7
J2a4h1a1 J2a4h1a L70
J2a4h1a1a J2a4h1a1 M137
J2a4h1a1b J2a4h1a1 M289 (location under DYS445?7 uncertain)
J2a4h1a1c J2a4h1a1 M318
J2a4h2 J2a4h M158 (location under L24 uncertain)
J2b J2 M12, M102, M221, M314
J2b1 J2b M205
J2b2 J2b M241
J2b2a J2b2 M99 (23andMe)
J2b2b J2b2 M280
J2b2c J2b2 M321
J2b2d J2b2 P84
J2b2e J2b2 DYS455?9
K IJK M9, P128, P131, P132
K1 K M147 (23andMe)
K2 K P60 (23andMe), P304, P308
K3 K P79/P299 (23andMe), P307
K4 K P261 (23andMe), P263 (23andMe)
L K M11, M20, M22, M61, M185, M295
L1 L M27 (23andMe), M76 (23andMe)
L2 L M317
L2a L2 M349 (23andMe)
L2b L2 M274
L3 L M357 (23andMe)
L3a L PK3 (23andMe)
M MNOPS P256 (23andMe
M1 M M4, M5/P73, M106, M186, M296, P35 (23andMe)
M1a M1 P34 (23andMe)
M1a1 M1a P54 (23andMe)
M1a2 M1a P94 (23andMe)
M1b M1 P87 (23andMe)
M1b1 M1b M104/P22
M1b1a M1b1 M16
M1b1b M1b1 M83
M2 M M353 (23andMe), M387 (23andMe)
M2a M2 M177/SRY9138 (23andMe)
M3 M P117 (23andMe), P118 (23andMe)
NO MNOPS M214, P188, P192, P193, P194, P195
N NO M231
N1 N LLY22g
N1a N1 M128 (23andMe)
N1b N1 P43 (23andMe)
N1b1 N1b P63 (23andMe)
N1c N1 M46/Tat, P105 (23andMe)
N1c1 N1c M178 (23andMe), P298
N1c1a N1c1 P21
N1c1b N1c1 P67 (23andMe)
N1c1c N1c1 P119 (23andMe)
O NO M175, P186, P191, P196
O1 O MSY2.2
O1a O1 M119 (23andMe
O1a1 O1a M307.2/P203.2
O1a1a O1a1 M101 (23andMe)
O1a2 O1a M50, M103, M110 (23andMe)
O2 O P31 (23andMe), M268
O2a O2 M95
O2a1 O2a M88, M111 (23andMe)
O2a1a O2a1 PK4 (23andMe, private)
O2a2 O2a M297 (private)
O2b O2 M176/SRY465, P49 (23andMe), 022454
O2b1 O2 47z
O3 O M122 (23andMe), P198
O3a O3 M324, P93, P197, P199, P200
O3a1 O3a DYS257/P27.2, M121 (23andMe)
O3a2 O3a M164 (23andMe)
O3a3 O3a P201/021354
O3a3a O3a3 M159 (23andMe)
O3a3b O3a3 M7
O3a3b1 O3a3b M113, M188, M209
O3a3b1a O3a3b1 N4 (private)
O3a3b1b O3a3b1 N5
O3a3b2 O3a3b P164
O3a3c O3a3 M134 (23andMe)
O3a3c1 O3a3c M117, M133 (23andMe)
O3a3c1a O3a3c1 M162
O3a4 O3a 002611
O3a4a O3a4 P103
O3a5 O3a M300
O3a6 O3a M333 (23andMe)
P MNOPS 92R7, M45, M74/N12, P207, P69, P226, P228, P230, P235, P239, P240, P243, P244, P281, P282, P283, P284, P295
Q P M242
Q1 Q P36.2 (23andMe)
Q1a Q1 MEH2
Q1a1 Q1a M120 (23andMe) , M265/N14
Q1a2 Q1a M25, M143
Q1a3 Q1a M346 (23andMe)
Q1a3a Q1a3 M3
Q1a3a1 Q1a3a M19
Q1a3a2 Q1a3a M194
Q1a3a3 Q1a3a M199, P106 (23andMe), P292
Q1a4 Q1a P48 (23andMe)
Q1a5 Q1a P89.1 (23andMe)
Q1a6 Q1a M323
Q1b Q1 M378 (23andMe)
R P M207, M306/S1, P224, P227, P229, P232, P280, P285, S4, S8, S9
S MNOPS M230, P202 (23andMe), P204 (23andMe)
S1 S M254
S1a S1 P57
S1b S1 P61 (23andMe)
S1c S1 P83
S1d S1 M226
T K M70, M184/USP9Y+3178, M193, M272
T1 K M320
T2 K P77 (23andMe)
T3 K L131 (provisional)

[PMID 20663923] A genome-wide scan for common alleles affecting risk for autism, top hits[edit]

rsnum chr old_ref_pos gene MAF minor diagnosis combined_OR combined_95%_CI combined_pval
rs2196826 1 240612956 PLD5 0.305 A Spc>All>Vrb 0.71 0.39-0.81 1.1*10^-6
rs2580237 1 240619604 PLD5 0.48 G Spc>All>Vrb 1.26 1.12-1.42 5.2*10^-4
rs11809951 1 240621154 PLD5 0.32 G Spc>All>Vrb 0.75 0.66-0.85 2.6*10^-5
rs2654862 1 240621187 PLD5 0.48 G Spc>All>Vrb 1.26 1.12-1.42 4.9*10^-4
rs2580222 1 240625569 PLD5 0.41 C Spc>All>Vrb 0.78 0.7-0.88 2.5*10^-4
rs9461347 6 27384557 POM121L2 0.04 A Spc>All>Vrb 1.97 1.42-2.74 2.5*10^-5
rs11155089 6 140220670 LOC100132735 0.27 A Spc>All>Vrb 0.77 0.67-0.87 2.0*10^-4
rs11624358 14 46563202 MDGA2 0.19 A Spc>All>Vrb 0.76 0.66-0.87 1.8*10^-4
rs3874730 15 90788132 ST8SIA2 0.48 G Spc>All>Vrb 1.47 1.31-1.66 1.1*10^-8
rs2045268 15 90790651 ST8SIA2 0.40 A Spc>All>Vrb 1.51 1.3-1.76 1.4*10^-6
rs4284229 1 38622891 0.15 G Spc>All>Nvrb 1.60 1.29-1.99 2.6*10^-5
rs16848148 2 212851861 ERBB4 0.05 G Spc>All>Nvrb 1.65 1.15-2.38 3.7*10^-3
rs10258862 7 39083323 POU6F2 0.33 G Spc>All>Nvrb 1.23 1.04-1.46 3.8*10^-2
rs1404999 7 39078990 POU6F2 0.33 A Spc>All>Nvrb 1.20 1.01-1.43 5.2*10^-2
rs12864778 13 72858013 0.48 A Spc>All>Nvrb 0.72 0.61-0.86 6.9*10^-4
rs9532931 13 41298079 KIAA0564 0.08 G Spc>Eur>Mat 0.52 0.41-0.67 5.2*10^-9
rs7329533 13 41456003 0.05 A Spc>Eur>Mat 0.55 0.41-0.74 1.3*10^-5
rs1475531 20 14815422 MACROD2 0.36 C Spc>Eur>Mat 1.36 1.17-1.6 2.8*10^-5
rs11155089 6 140220670 LOC1001327335 0.27 A Spc>Eur>Pat 0.75 0.64-0.89 2.1*10^-4
rs10258862 7 39083323 POU6F2 0.33 G Spc>Eur>Pat 1.23 1.05-1.44 6.5*10^-3
rs1404999 7 39087990 POU6F2 0.33 A Spc>Eur>Pat 1.23 1.05-1.44 6.5*10^-3
rs205409 16 27971449 GSG1L 0.43 G Spc>Eur>Pat 0.83 0.72-0.96 7.6*10^-3
rs9348512 6 10564692 0.33 A Str>Eur>Mat 0.65 0.53-0.79 4.3*10^-6
rs9532931 13 41298079 KIAA0564 0.08 G Str>Eur>Mat 0.45 0.33-0.63 1.3*10^-8
rs6074798 20 14709710 MACROD2 0.48 A Str>Eur>Mat 1.42 1.17-1.73 1.4*10^-4
rs1475531 20 14815422 MACROD2 0.36 C Str>Eur>Mat 1.54 1.25-1.89 7.2*10^-6
rs4836231 5 122124002 0.36 G Str>Eur>Pat 0.66 0.54-0.81 1.4*10^-5
rs28603112 5 122126587 0.36 C Str>Eur>Pat 0.66 0.54-0.81 1.4*10^-5
rs1363614 5 122176254 SNX2 0.36 G Str>Eur>Pat 0.67 0.55-0.82 2.3*10^-5
rs8065402 17 31487436 0.17 A Str>Eur>Pat 0.59 0.46-0.74 1.0*10^-6
rs4141463 20 14695471 MACROD2 0.43 A Str>Eur>Pat 0.67 0.55-0.82 1.4*10^-5
rs11675023 2 140382810 0.20 G Spc>All>Mat 0.78 0.66-0.91 7.0*10^-4
rs11677529 2 140406237 0.20 A Spc>All>Mat 0.78 0.67-0.92 9.1*10^-4
rs1475531 20 14815422 MACROD2 0.37 C Spc>All>Mat 1.31 1.14-1.51 4.7*10^-5
rs3817118 4 77418235 LOC100129583 0.10 C Spc>All>Pat 1.38 1.12-1.7 7.9*10^-4
rs10258862 7 39083323 POU6F2 0.33 G Spc>All>Pat 1.15 1-1.33 4.0^10^-2
rs7297890 12 115694448 TMEM118 0.10 G Spc>All>Pat 0.69 0.56-0.84 3.2*10^-5
rs10006242 4 176783314 0.40 A Str>All>Mat 1.36 1.14-1.62 2.4*10^-4
rs9348512 6 10564692 0.33 A Str>All>Mat 0.70 0.58-0.84 2.9*10^-5
rs6557675 8 23396491 0.31 A Str>All>Mat 0.72 0.6-0.87 1.3*10^-4
rs10507103 12 97887773 ANKS1B 0.17 G Str>All>Mat 1.61 1.27-2.04 1.3*10^-5
rs9532931 13 41298079 KIAA0564 0.08 G Str>All>Mat 0.50 0.38-0.66 2.6*10^-8
rs4807188 19 1926217 CSNK1G2 0.02 A Str>All>Mat 5.80 0.38-0.66 8.3*10^-6
rs6077999 20 10923285 0.30 G Str>All>Mat 0.68 0.56-0.81 7.7*10^-6
rs1475531 20 14815422 MACROD2 0.36 C Str>All>Mat 1.44 1.2-1.73 2.0*10^-5
rs10006242 4 176783314 0.40 A Str>All>Mat 1.36 1.14-1.63 2.4*10^-5
rs4836231 5 122124002 0.36 G Str>All>Pat 0.71 0.59-0.85 5.6*10^-5
rs28603112 5 122126587 0.36 C Str>All>Pat 0.71 0.59-0.85 5.6*10^-5
rs2125903 17 45890913 ACSF2 0.26 A Str>All>Pat 1.46 1.21-1.75 1.1*10^-5

[PMID 21694764] Educational Attainment: A Genome Wide Association Study in 9538 Australians, top hits[edit]

rsnum chr old_ref_pos SNP type gene closest gene SNPs in LD
rs2680324 10 56970071 INTRONIC PCDH15 9.77E-07 2
rs10079475 5 179585240 INTRONIC RASGEF1C 1.36E-06 3
rs8085689 18 21656634 INTRONIC TTC39C 5.20E-06 2
rs13092348 3 116580097 INTRONIC LSAMP 5.40E-06 17
rs1521417 3 116761113 INTRONIC LSAMP 5.55E-06 2
rs11004778 10 56974190 INTRONIC PCDH15 5.58E-06 9
rs2246477 5 172208454 UPSTREAM Y_RNA.479 7.27E-06 1
rs914925 9 93584793 INTRONIC SYK 8.16E-06 2
rs226039 16 21288101 INTRONIC CRYM 8.98E-06 0
rs976928 11 81479043 INTERGENIC RP11-179A16.1 9.60E-06 6
rs7191909 16 21262897 3PRIME UTR ANKS4B 1.02E-05 15
rs4298928 11 81470414 INTERGENIC RP11-179A16.1 1.11E-05 0
rs6767669 3 116599500 INTRONIC LSAMP 1.19E-05 0
rs6581191 12 58875698 INTERGENIC RP11-652N17.1 1.23E-05 0
rs7281948 21 32970928 INTERGENIC FBXW11P1 1.23E-05 2
rs1517635 2 224203115 INTERGENIC AC068035.1 1.32E-05 0
rs8082313 17 17976932 INTERGENIC C17orf39 1.40E-05 0
rs2431664 5 172203911 WITHIN NON CODING GENE RP11-779O18.3 1.50E-05 0
rs17157509 7 109881775 INTERGENIC AC003088.1 1.52E-05 6
rs12497655 3 116764010 INTRONIC LSAMP 1.82E-05 1
rs13402289 2 100659389 INTRONIC AFF3 1.89E-05 6
rs7106258 11 81484019 INTERGENIC RP11-179A16.1 1.92E-05 14
rs10068846 5 179588797 INTRONIC RASGEF1C 2.01E-05 0
rs5009524 20 38894887 INTERGENIC RP1-191L6.2 2.17E-05 0
rs226047 16 21301472 INTRONIC CRYM 2.30E-05 3
rs744684 7 154196001 INTRONIC DPP6 2.32E-05 0
rs226038 16 21288338 INTRONIC CRYM 2.37E-05 0
rs6691053 1 173868955 DOWNSTREAM ZBTB37 2.37E-05 0
rs1011689 10 97760476 INTRONIC CC2D28 2.38E-05 6
rs4876153 8 2304334 INTERGENIC AC133633.2 2.38E-05 0
rs7672521 4 175302173 UPSTREAM RP11-51M24.1 2.58E-05 0
rs2029238 18 21702106 INTRONIC AC090772.1 2.63E-05 2
rs9903961 17 10732872 UPSTREAM PIRT 2.75E-05 0
rs1122208 15 58623525 INTERGENIC LIPC 2.82E-05 3
rs11194701 10 111292456 UPSTREAM BTF3P15 2.92E-05 0
rs2297679 1 32157009 INTRONIC COL16A1 3.00E-05 1
rs2044541 1 41343185 INTRONIC LRRC4C 3.36E-05 1
rs1793791 11 131111013 WITHIN NON CODING GENE AP002856.7 3.61E-05 0
rs6011899 20 61356257 INTRONIC NTSR1 3.76E-05 0
rs472975 1 185534476 WITHIN NON CODING GENE 12.2 3.83E-05 12
rs256940 5 114866191 INTRONIC FEM1C 3.84E-05 0
rs4514783 18 61918306 INTERGENIC AC100848.1 3.85E-05 4
rs11876820 18 61891408 INTERGENIC AC100848.1 4.12E-05 0
rs2275998 11 66326581 INTRONIC CTD-3074O7.2 4.15E-05 0
rs7936167 11 40156059 INTRONIC LRRC4C 4.40E-05 4
rs6986402 8 17630589 INTRONIC MTUS1 4.43E-05 1
rs10057387 5 172230003 INTERGENIC RP11-536N17.1 4.49E-05 0
rs6938281 6 25312488 INTRONIC LRRC16A 4.54E-05 0
rs2257055 9 130311404 INTRONIC FAM129B 4.57E-05 0
rs6584475 9 103806793 INTRONIC C10orf76 4.68E-05 1

broken with transition to GRCh37 and pointless semantic query pages[edit]