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more IL6; certain risks, see details
Is agenotype
GeneIL6, LOC541472
Geno Mag Summary
(C;C) 2 less IL6; certain risks, see details
(C;G) complex; see details
(G;G) 2 more IL6; certain risks, see details

rs1800795 is a SNP in the promoter of the interleukin-6 IL6 gene, affecting the levels made of this important cytokine. In the literature, it is almost universally referred to as the IL6 "-174" polymorphism. It tends to be quite polymorphic in Caucasians, but Asian and African populations are almost monomorphic (for the (G) allele).

The rs1800795(G) allele, generally associated with higher levels of IL6, has been associated with increased risk in the following studies:

  • Following a kidney transplant, patients with rs1800795(G;G) genotypes have a higher risk of new-onset diabetes and higher C-reactive protein levels) compared to the (C;C) genotype. Since this was more pronounced in overweight patients, the authors suggest that diabetes-inducing drug administration should be limited in overweight patients who are rs1800795(G;G) following renal transplantation.[PMID 16837641]
  • The development of bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome (BOS) after lung transplantation is more likely and happens earlier for rs1800795(G) carriers.[PMID 12451269]
  • Among HIV+ men, the lifetime risk of developing Kaposi sarcoma is higher for rs1800795(G;G) homozygotes compared to (C;C) homozygotes.[PMID 11001912]
  • A study of 139 elderly males with acute coronary syndrome (ACS) indicated that rs1800795(G;G) genotypes were at 3.89 fold (CI: 1.71-8.86, p=0.001) higher risk of dying within one year of their ACS event than (C;G) or (C;C) genotypes.[PMID 16098388]
  • Although the odds of having a stroke weren't different, among patients (in this case, under 60 years of age) who did have a stroke those with a rs1800795(G;G) genotype had more severe disability after 1 week (odds ratio 3.2, CI: 1.5-6.6, p=0.002).[PMID 14512079]
  • Among Chinese patients with hypertension, the rs1800795(G) allele is more common, and (G;G) genotypes had significantly higher plasma PAI-1 activity than (C;C) genotypes.[PMID 15831362]
  • In 168 Brazilian patients, rs1800795(G) allele frequency was higher in gastric cancer than in patients with chronic gastritis. [PMID 17560462]
  • Although the odds of having Crohn's disease aren't affected, among 153 children with it, those with the rs1800795(G;G) genotype were more growth-retarded at diagnosis than (C;G) or (C;C) genotypes. (G;G) patients also had higher circulating levels of C-reactive protein (CRP).[PMID 16150725]
  • rs1800795(G) carriers don't increase their high-density lipoprotein (HDL) levels after 24 weeks of aerobic exercise as much as rs1800795(C) carriers.[PMID 15904871]