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NatGeo data is also available from Helix and if that is how you ordered your data you should see that page.

Promethease is able to read National Genographic data files, but there is a weird history of their data not being available.

With the very first release of their 2.0 project data we were able to produce some interesting reports. In December 2012 they changed their format to a headerless 2.0, and removed rs#s which made it impossible for us to do interpretation. Then in July 2013 someone showed up with NatGeo data that did contain rs#s. In Jan 2014 a user came by with data that did contain rs#s, and he got it by following these instructions. In Feb 2014 another user got their raw data with that method, but the file contained only proprietary IDs, and no rs#s, so promethease could only generate an empty report.

We support it as well as we can.


These snps are known to be on the testing platform