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Magnitude 2
Summary Unable to classify the ABO blood type
Criteria Gs129/criteria

Most people have SNPs which make it fairly easy to determine their ABO blood group. This text shows when Promethease was unable to make a more specific determination. Most people who see this are A+, however it has now been observed for O+, a BO-, and AB+. The full list of relevant snps is in your report under "Medical Conditions/ABO blood group".

This genoset was introduced before the 23andMe v3. It may now be possible to further improve this genoset into more specific ones.

Most respondents self reported as A+, however one O+ reported these genotypes:

One B- has now also reported "My blood type is B, believed B–, unless I am a weak positive. My mother is O, so I am BO"

someone with B+ reports

someone with B- reports "My blood type is B– My father is O, so I am BO"

There is some other self reported analysis of blood type vs genotype on this spreadsheet

and you are welcome to use this page for record your own blood group and genotypes to further our analysis.