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Magnitude 3.5
Summary Haplogroup I2 (Y-DNA)
Criteria Gs112/criteria
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This indicates a paternal blood line which originated approximately 22,000 years ago along the Eastern Adriatic Sea coast. This is typical of people of Southeastern Europe origins such as Bosnians, Croats, Sardinians, Ukrainians and Serbs.

The criteria checks up to two different markers of which you must have the mutation defining this haplogroup for each marker you have results for. You must have matching results for at least one marker. You also must match gs196 for Haplogroup I (Y-DNA).

Only one match is required because not every service tests for all markers or your results may have a no-call for a marker. Any one marker should be a reliable indication of the haplogroup. To prevent false positives it also makes sure you do not have the non-mutated variant in all markers for which you have results.

All available markers match for Haplogroup I2 (Y-DNA) subclade of Haplogroup I (Y-DNA).

This haplogroup has subclades under it. The most specific subclade match is the most significant.