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Magnitude 2
Repute Bad
Summary NAT2 Slow metabolizer
Criteria Gs154/criteria

Most non-Scandinavian Caucasians and approximately half of African-Americans are slow metabolizers.

This variation is important because of its primary role in the deactivation of many chemicals in the body's environment, including those produced by caffeine and cigarettes as well as aromatic amine and hydrazine drugs used medicinally. In general, slow metabolizers have higher rates of certain types of cancer and are more susceptible to side effects from chemicals metabolized by NAT2.[PMID 10667461]

This prediction and that of gs156 of NAT2 metabolizer phenotype is based on using 2 SNPs, rs1041983 and rs1801280.[PMID 21750470] An alternative prediction of NAT2 metabolizer status based on using more SNPs (6) is used by genosets gs138, gs139, and gs140.