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Testicular cancer

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Testicular cancer is a cancer that develops in the testicles. In the United States, between 7,500 and 8,000 diagnoses of testicular cancer are made each year, with a man's lifetime risk being roughly 1 in 250.

In 2015, a polygenic risk score including 4 new testicular cancer SNPs (or their proxies; all by GWAS) plus 21 previously found ones concluded that 1% of men scoring in the highest risk category had a 10-fold higher risk of testicular cancer, "although that still adds up to only around a 5 percent (one in 20) chance of developing testicular cancer" over one's life, according to the senior author.[PMID 26503584OA-icon.png] The 25 SNPs used in this score (and the associated candidate gene) were:

SNP Candidate Gene
rs995030 KITLG
rs210138 BAK1
rs4624820 SPRY4
rs4635969 TERT
rs755383 DMRT1
rs2900333 ATF7IP
rs8046148 HEATR3
rs2839243 non-coding
rs3805663 CATSPER3
rs10510452 DAZL
rs2720460 CENPE
rs7010162 PRDM14
rs9905704 RAD51C
rs3790672 non-coding
rs2072499 PMF1
rs4888262 RFWD3
rs12699477 MAD1L1
rs17021463 HPGDS
rs1510272 SSR3
rs7501939 HNF1B
rs2195987 non-coding
rs11705932 TFPD2
rs7107174 GAB2
rs4561483 BCAR4
rs55637647 ZFPM1

Other SNPs which may increase (or decrease) risk for testicular cancer include:

SNPs which may affect the success of chemotherapeutic treatment for testicular cancer include: