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Normal risk of developing restless legs syndrome
Is agenotype
Geno Mag Summary
(A;A) 2 1.9x risk for developing restless legs syndrome
(A;G) 1.5 Slightly increased risk of developing restless legs syndrome
(G;G) 1 Normal risk of developing restless legs syndrome

rs3923809 is a A/G variation on human chromosome 6. Associated with: Restless legs syndrome.

This SNP, located in an intron of the BTBD9 gene, has a variant that is seen somewhat more frequently in individuals with restless legs syndrome. The risk allele is rs3923809(A); carriers of two such alleles, i.e. those with rs3923809(A;A) genotypes, are estimated to be 1.9 fold more likely to have restless legs syndrome than rs3923809(G;G) individuals. The authors of this study suggest that perhaps half of the cases of restless legs syndrome may involve the rs3923809 risk genotypes. [PMID 17634447]

Consistent with this finding, another report about rs3923809 links the (G) minor allele to a lower frequency of restless legs syndrome with an overall odds ratio of 0.57 (CI: 0.48-0.68). [PMID 17637780]