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Make rs1800470(C;C)
Make rs1800470(T;T)
ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/142
is asnp
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dbSNP (classic)rs1800470
1000 genomesrs1800470
GWAS Ctlgrs1800470
Merged fromRs1982073
Max Magnitude0
? (C;C) (C;T) (T;T) 28

Formerly known as the very well studied rs1982073

[PMID 19365037] TGFB1 as a susceptibility gene for high myopia: a replication study with new findings

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[PMID 23734748OA-icon.png] Association of genes of protease-antiprotease balance pathway to lung function and emphysema subtypes

Risk rs1800470(G;G) rs1800470(T;T)
Alt rs1800470(G;G) rs1800470(T;T)
Reference rs1800470(C;C)
Significance Other
Disease Cystic fibrosis Breast cancer Diaphyseal dysplasia not specified
Variation info
CLNDBN Cystic fibrosis Breast cancer, invasive, susceptibility to Diaphyseal dysplasia not specified
Reversed 1
HGVS NC_000019.9:g.41858921G>A
CLNSRC OMIM Allelic Variant
CLNACC RCV000013360.26, RCV000013361.3, RCV000032141.1, RCV000242872.1,

[PMID 24060592] The TGF-B1 and IL-10 gene polymorphisms are associated with risk of developing silent myocardial ischemia in the diabetic patients

[PMID 23051628] Fibrosis-associated single-nucleotide polymorphisms in TGFB1 and CAV1 are not associated with the development of nephrogenic systemic fibrosis

[PMID 24142982OA-icon.png] Genes involved in innate immunity associated with asbestos-related fibrotic changes

[PMID 23416372] Genetic variation in TGFB1 gene and risk of idiopathic recurrent pregnancy loss

[PMID 21833528] Susceptibility to ankylosing spondylitis: evidence for the role of ERAP1, TGFb1 and TLR9 gene polymorphisms.

[PMID 22579472] The IL6 gene polymorphism -634C>G and IL17F gene polymorphism 7488T>C influence bone mineral density in young and elderly Japanese women.

[PMID 22659181] Analysis of TGFB1 in European and Japanese Moyamoya disease patients.

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