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From SNPedia
Short sleeper
Is agenotype
Geno Mag Summary
(C;C) 0 normal. Need a full 8h of sleep
(C;G) 4 Short Sleeper
(G;G) 5 Short sleeper

You have a rare genotype which suggests you need less sleep than most people. The research concludes that 1 copy of the rare allele allows you to function on 6 hours sleep, instead of 8. You have 2 copies of the rare allele. info@snpedia.com would like to hear from you, to know if having 2 copies further reduces the necessary time.

Note that this is an ambiguous flip; before contacting us, please make sure that your Promethease report shows rs121912617(G;G). If you are not looking at your Promethease report, and instead you are manually looking at your raw data, it (your raw data) will show (C;C) if you have this rare genotype since the raw data from most companies is based on the forward strand whereas this SNP is based in dbSNP and in SNPedia on the reverse strand. If you see (G;G) in your raw data you do not have this rare genotype; you have the very common genotype.