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Magnitude 3
Summary Fully heterozygous, age-related tasting variation
Criteria Gs227/criteria

You are heterozygous at all 3 of the SNPs known to influence the ability to taste bitterness. This means you are better than average at detecting bitter tastes while young, but that this ability decreases to less than average during adulthood. As a child, you will probably hate Brussels sprouts, and by early adulthood will discover that olives and Brussels sprouts now taste good.

A 2010 study [PMID 20594349] shows the change bitter sensitivity which occurs over the lifespan (from bitter sensitive to less so) is more common in people with this genoset. Children with this genotype could perceive a bitter taste at lower PROP concentrations than could heterozygous adults. The threshold for adolescents was intermediate.

The 3 SNPs are rs10246939, rs1726866, rs713598 in the gene TAS2R38.