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Magnitude 2
Summary B blood group
Criteria Gs131/criteria

This genoset defines one of the ABO blood group types, that of type B blood.

From a molecular point of view, there are 2 B types: BB, and BO, based on whether the individual is carrying two type B alleles or one type B allele plus one type O allele. This genoset defines the most common type of BB carrier.

The criteria is based on SNPs rs8176746 and rs8176747, which for a (single) type B allele, will be rs8176746(A) and rs8176747(C).

Therefore, an individual will be an ABO type BB if they are not carrying a type O allele (i.e. not carrying a rs8176719(-) allele), and if they are either rs8176746(A;A) or rs8176747(C;C).