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Behçet's disease

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The strongest association with Behçet's disease is with the HLA-B antitype HLA-B51.
The strongest associated tag SNPs for Behçet's disease that is associated with the HLA-B51 antitype is rs79556279.
In addition, rs9259013 in the HLA-F/HLA-A region has an additional association with Behçet's disease, independent of rs79556279. [PMID 24821759]

These SNPs in the IL10 gene affect susceptibility to the autoimmune disease known as Behçet's disease. Wikipedia Symptoms are caused by inflammation in small blood vessels, and consequent oral ulcers, eye problems, or arthritis.

  • rs3024490 (each A allele increases risk about 1.4 times in a Turkish population) [PMID 20622878]
  • rs1800871 (each G allele lowers risk about 0.6 times in people of Japanese ancestry) [PMID 20622879]
  • rs1495965 (the CC genotype is associated with 1.56 higher odds than CT; TT is associated with 0.64 times lower odds) [PMID 20622879]