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Geno Mag Summary
(C;C) 0 normal risk for osteoarthritis
(C;T) 1.2 1.1x increased risk for osteoarthritis
(T;T) 1.8 1.3x increased risk for osteoarthritis
ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/141
is asnp
is mentioned by
dbSNP (classic)rs143383
1000 genomesrs143383
GWAS Ctlgrs143383
Max Magnitude1.8
? (C;C) (C;T) (T;T) 28

This SNP is associated with osteoarthritis (OA). It is located in the five prime untranslated region (5′UTR) of the gene encoding growth differentiation factor 5 (GDF5), a chondrogenic protein active from the embryonic stage onwards. GDF5 is also known as cartilage-derived morphogenetic protein 1 or BMP14.

The risk allele T (+ 104T/C;rs143383) causes reduction of the GDF5 promoter sequence activity. Reduction of GDF5 in human cartilage of patients with OA by up to 27% has been observed [1]. This effect is influenced by a second SNP ( rs143384 , C/T ) in the same area. The C alleles of both SNPs form CpG dinucleotides. Demethylation of both SNP's increases GDF5 expression.[2] [PMID 21642387] "Expression of the osteoarthritis-associated gene GDF5 is modulated epigenetically by DNA methylation." Thus the authors conclude that epigenetic manipulation offers options in developing therapies for OA.

[PMID 17384641] rs143383 showed significant association with hip osteoarthritis in two independent Japanese populations. It also showed association with knee osteoarthritis in Japanese and Chinese populations.

[PMID 17676627] is *not* a risk factor for osteoarthritis in Greek Caucasians

A subsequent study showed that the same risk allele, rs143383(T), was (somewhat) associated with osteoarthritis in European populations. The odds ratio was 1.10 for the allele, 1.28 for carrier status (p=0.03, p=0.004, respectively). The (T) allele appears to make less GDF5 protein, which eventually renders an individual somewhat more susceptible to osteoarthritis.[PMID 17616513]

A meta-analysis combining data from 11,000+ individuals as well as both European and Asian populations found strong evidence (p < 0.0004) confirming increased risk for osteoarthritis from the rs143383(T) allele. The best model is a dominant one, and the odds ratio reported is 1.21 in general and 1.48 for the dominant model.[PMID 18299287]

Another meta-analysis of 14 studies concluded that rs143383 did indeed show significant association with osteoarthritis, at least for knee osteoarthritis, and probably for hand and hip (but to a lesser degree). The effect size wasn't large, though (odds ratio 1.15, CI: 1.09-1.22, p = 9.4 x 10e-7).[PMID 19479880OA-icon.png]

A haplotype of rs143383 and rs6060369 can be defined, which also links osteoarthritis to height since rs6060369 was linked to height in a study ultimately involving over 28,000 individuals.[PMID 18193045OA-icon.png]

The Medpage article on this finding notes that rs143383 was previously shown to be associated with increased risk for osteoarthritis and in this recent study [PMID 18193045OA-icon.png] it was significantly associated with shorter height in the initial scans, at p=2.70x10e-5.

Note that the authors of [PMID 18193045OA-icon.png] refer to rs143383 in the opposite orientation compared to it's entry in dbSNP.

[PMID 18947434OA-icon.png] A study of 338 Han Chinese children affected by congenital dysplasia of the hip revealed that rs143383(T) alleles conferred a 1.4x increased risk for the disorder, particularly in females (odds ratio 1.43, CI: 1.11 - 1.85, p = 0.0078).

[PMID 19029166] A study of 6,365 elderly Caucasian men and women observed significant association between rs143383 and osteoarthritis, height, bone size and fracture risk in women.

[PMID 19565498OA-icon.png] Functional analysis of the osteoarthritis susceptibility-associated GDF5 regulatory polymorphism


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[PMID 24861163OA-icon.png] CpG methylation regulates allelic expression of GDF5 by modulating binding of SP1 and SP3 repressor proteins to the osteoarthritis susceptibility SNP rs143383

Risk Rs143383(C;C)
Alt Rs143383(C;C)
Reference Rs143383(T;T)
Significance Other
Disease Osteoarthritis of hip Fibular hypoplasia and complex brachydactyly Chondrodysplasia Acromesomelic Dysplasia Symphalangism-brachydactyly syndrome Brachydactyly
Variation info
Gene GDF5
CLNDBN Osteoarthritis of hip Fibular hypoplasia and complex brachydactyly Chondrodysplasia Acromesomelic Dysplasia Symphalangism-brachydactyly syndrome Brachydactyly
Reversed 1
HGVS NC_000020.10:g.34025983A>G
CLNSRC OMIM Allelic Variant
CLNACC RCV000008898.3, RCV000285133.1, RCV000290932.1, RCV000344695.1, RCV000350530.1, RCV000385268.1,

[PMID 25894512] A comprehensive meta-analysis of association between genetic variants of GDF5 and osteoarthritis of the knee, hip and hand

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[PMID 29797005] Genetic Influence in Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip in Saudi Arabian Children Due to GDF5 Polymorphism.

[PMID 30044130] Association Between the SNP rs143383 + 104T/C in the GDF5 Gene and the Risk of Knee Osteoarthritis in a Population from Northern Mexico-A Case-Control Study.

[PMID 30186416OA-icon.png] Association between GDF5 single nucleotide polymorphism rs143383 and lumbar disc degeneration.

[PMID 32185351OA-icon.png] Genetic Association Between Growth Differentiation Factor 5 Single Nucleotide Polymorphism and Primary Knee Osteoarthritis in a Group of Egyptian Patients: A Pilot Study.