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Magnitude 2
Repute Good
Summary APOE E3/E3
Criteria Gs246/criteria

Apo-ε3/ε3, the most common form of APOE. It is considered the "neutral" genotype, with E2 having lower risk and E4 having higher risk of Alzheimer's disease. Criteria: rs429358(T;T),rs7412(C;C)).


  • European 57.4%
  • African American 41.7%
  • East Asian 74.6%

Word of caution to those with data from Ancestry.com: in our experience, based on data in OpenSNP and from Promethease users since 2006, Ancestry data always reports rs429358 as (T;T), even for people who's data from other sources indicates they are (C;T). Therefore, until Ancestry corrects this false negative problem, be aware that the ApoE genosets assigned by Promethease will be inaccurate when based on (inaccurate) Ancestry data. Specifically, some percentage of Ancestry users who are supposedly gs246 positive (Apo-ε3/ε3) are actually either gs141 (Apo-ε3/ε4) or gs216 (Apo-ε4/ε4).