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retwitter I guess the blue eyes was right, but I'm surprised about the baldness. rs6152 isn't a perfect predictor, but it seems good. You might have less than you'd like, but I'm surprised you're not doing much better than average. Is your hair loss more from the front or the back? And welcome to SNPedia. Use info@snpedia.com if you have questions you don't want in public. cariaso

Thanks for your warm welcome! It's great to see how the whole "community" of DTC-Fans is working together. :) The genetical blue eyes are matching my real eye color, although I think there is a bit of green in my eyes.
Nevertheless, the prediction of the baldness-SNPs may also work out in the end. Currently I've quite long hair, although they are quite thin (the hairs themselves, not the coverage) and it looks like the coverage decreases over time (although im "only" 26 i notice that the hair loss starts in the front). But who knows how it will look in the long run? I think my dad noticed the same thing but still his hair (he's currently in his late 50ies). Bgreshake
Phenotypes such as eye color are a great example of where crowd sourcing can make a difference. There is an excel sheet at gs237 which seeks more input on the eye color variations, such as your green tint. gs238 is another example where 3 different snps can all play a role in red hair and sensitivity to some medicines. It seems you can't much help with that one, but in time others will. The same is true for the combinations of snps influencing hair loss, but your rs6152 is on the X chromosome, so for that thank your mom, not your dad. cariaso 21:19, 4 May 2011 (UTC)
I found the spreadsheet about the eye color and I already participated on this :) Thanks for pointing out the location of rs6152. Btw.: Is there an easy way of grabbing information from SNPedia? I just wanted to start playing around with the data and would like to program some small tools for this :) Bgreshake