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Summary male 23andMe v2, with mother & son data

Russell Letkeman was born on 18 August 1962 to User:H Letkeman. He is university educated in science and has Restless legs syndrome. He is also an identical twin.

His father died at 63 years of age from complications due to arteriosclerosis and a brother survived an MI at 47 years of age as well as a sister survived an MI at 51 years of age. His mother died from smoking induced lung cancer at 78 years old with excellent cardio vascular health and cholesterol numbers.

Russell Letkeman was diagnosed with depression in 2006 and successfully treated with sertraline though has quite severe diarrhea from it. He stopped sertraline 4 months later in excellent mental health. The depression returned after his mothers diagnosis of Lung Cancer and his being the primary care giver until her passing September 23 2008. Treatment was resumed when the not uncommon care givers depression failed to abate.

This user is investigating ways to capture medical records within SNPedia

  • June 2006
  • April 2007
    • Total Cholesterol: 3.8
    • Weight: 75.0 Kg
    • Continued Atorvastatin as well as maintained diet and exercise.

  • July 2008
    • Total Cholesterol: 2.91
    • Platelet Count: 119 x10*9/L
    • Weight: 61.4 Kg
    • Discontinued Atorvastatin, diet and exercise are now lifestyle commitments
    • Added St. John's Wort, as a mood stabilizer.
    • Began Red Yeast Rice 2,400 mg/day as a prophylactic

  • October 20, 2008
    • Total Cholesterol: 4.18
    • Platelet Count: 112 x10*9/L
    • Weight: 61.4 Kg
    • Increased Red Yeast Rice to 3,600 mg/day (goal is TC < 4)

  • October 30, 2008
    • Platelet Count: 103 x10*9/L
    • Iron: 36.4 umol/L
    • Prothrombin T, INR: 52 g/L
    • CBC HGB 18.1, CBC HCT 51.5%
    • Weight: 61.4 Kg
    • Began 50mg sertraline