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The SNPedia Paper

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SNPedia: a wiki supporting personal genome annotation, interpretation and analysis 
Michael Cariaso; Greg Lennon
Nucleic Acids Research 2011; doi: 10.1093/nar/gkr798

[22140107?dopt=Abstract PMID 22140107] Read the Abstract or Full Text

The paper above should be cited when discussing SNPedia generally. To cite specific content in SNPedia you may wish to link to versioned 'Permanent link' found in the lower left corner of every SNPedia wiki page. This wikipedia article should further inform your consideration.

Initial Planning[edit]

SNPedia uses many PubMed IDs. SNPedia has been cited in PubMed [PMID 19366450]. It would be helpful if SNPedia itself was documented with a PubMed ID.

This wiki article is intended to be published in an open access journal which will promote the awareness of SNPedia and result in the assignment of a PubMed ID.

First author will be User:Cariaso last author will be User:Lennon. Additional authors may be assigned based on contributions to this page or throughout SNPedia.


SNPedia is a wiki annotation of variations in the human genome. Content is populated by a mixture of software tools and human editors with links to original sources. Semantic MediaWiki and a SPARQL endpoint enable the data to integrate with the Semantic Web. The data is often used for secondary analysis of direct to consumer personal genomics services. Genosets enable collective annotation of haplotype blocks, haplogroup trees and complex structures. The content is Creative Commons licensed content and available at http://www.SNPedia.com


Materials and Methods[edit]


  • Mediawiki 1.15
  • SemanticMediaWiki
  • python





Data Supplements[edit]