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Can someone please add the new data for obsessive compulsive disorder and PANDAS with this snp?


Thanks for suggesting this. However, this paper does not appear to meet the criteria we usually use to decide if the results should be reported in SNPedia for the respective genotypes. In particular, this article (1) has less than 500 patients, (2) has not been replicated or really even cited since it's publication in 2012, and (3) this SNP has not been seen in more comprehensive surveys of OCD by other investigators. So all in all, it seems like a preliminary report rather than one that should be reported at this time to anyone with the respective affected genotypes. If you do know of additional research or studies that replicate the findings in this paper, or of an appropriate meta-analysis in the field, please let us know. Greg (talk) 00:48, 19 January 2015 (UTC)