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increased creativity?
Is agenotype
Geno Mag Summary
(C;T) 1
(T;T) 1 increased creativity?

[PMID 19594860] Associated with creativity (or at least people who answer ads asking for people who believe they have high creativity) in people with high intellectual and academic performance. Intriguingly, the highest creative achievements and creative-thinking scores were found in people who carried the (T;T) genotype, which was previously shown to be related to psychosis risk and altered prefrontal activation.

omim [PMID 17565985] rs6994992 in 5-prime promoter region of the NRG1 gene regulates expression of the NRG1 type IV isoform. The T allele, which is the schizophrenia risk allele, showed a 65% increase in promoter activity.

newscientist reports that this variation has been linked to psychosis, poor memory and sensitivity to criticism. About 50 per cent of healthy Europeans have one copy of this mutation, while 15 per cent possess two copies.