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Intermediate dopamine levels, other effects
Is agenotype
GeneCOMT, MIR4761
Merged fromRs165688, Rs17849308
Geno Mag Summary
(A;A) 2.5 (worrier) advantage in memory and attention tasks
(A;G) Intermediate dopamine levels, other effects
(G;G) 2.5 (warrior) multiple associations, see details

As is often the case with heterozygotes, shares many traits intermediately between the (A;A) and (G;G) homozygotes.

Specific (A;G) findings include:

[PMID 19474754] "The AG genotype of catechol-O-methyltransferase rs4680 [was] significantly associated with bodyweight gain during antidepressive treatment, when adjusted for age and sex."

[PMID 20488458] A potential for a small protective effect against schizophrenia due to moderate dopamine levels compared to the homozygous (A;A) and (G;G), which have much higher and much lower dopaminergic signaling respectively, both of which have been associated with a higher propensity for schizophrenia.