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(C;C) 1.8 hypertension not a risk factor for sudden cardiac death
(C;G) 1.8 hypertension not a risk factor for sudden cardiac death
(G;G) 2.5 hypertension increases risk 3.75x for sudden cardiac death
ReferenceGRCh38 38.1/141
is asnp
is mentioned by
dbSNP (classic)rs187238
1000 genomesrs187238
GWAS Ctlgrs187238
Max Magnitude2.5

rs187238, also known as -137 G/C, is a SNP in the interleukin 18 IL18 gene.

Based on studying autopsies of 700 men in the Helsinki Sudden Death Study, there was a significant interaction between IL-18 genotype and hypertension impacting on the risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) due to coronary heart disease (CHD). Among rs187238(G;G) homozygotes, hypertension was a major risk factor for SCD due to CHD (adjusted odds ratio 3.75, CI:1.78-7.91, p < 0.001) and hypertension also associated with larger coronary atherosclerotic plaque areas (p = 0.002) and the occurrence of complicated plaques (adjusted OR 8.38, CI: 2.39-29.33, p < 0.001). Among rs187238(C) allele carriers, hypertension was not a significant risk factor for CHD-related SCD or CAD and did not associate with the development of coronary atherosclerotic plaques.[PMID 19687159]

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