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Nicotine dependence

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Nicotine dependence, or smoking quantity, has been associated with numerous SNPs, including:

  • [PMID 18434921] Finds SNPs in both the DRD4 and DRD2 genes to be correlated to nicotine dependence in adolescents
  • [PMID 18385739] Indicates that the SNP with largest risk for lung cancer, rs1051730 in the CHRNA3 gene, appears to affect the quantity of cigarettes smoked, i.e. it is directly linked to nicotine dependence.
  • [PMID 17888884] 2008 review of the pharmacogenetics of nicotine dependence and treatment
  • [PMID 17407593] SNPs associated with nicotine dependence seem to be roughly the same ones involved in multiple other substance dependencies
  • [PMID 16770336] A study of 400+ Israeli female subjects indicated that those homozygous for the HTR6-C276T C allele showed significantly increased risk of smoking initiation if they had experienced trauma.
  • [PMID 16887046] A study of 688 Caucasians implicated rs10485057 in the mu-opioid receptor OPRM1 gene as presenting higher risk for smoking initiation and possibly nicotine dependence