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Haplogroup N (Y-DNA)

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Haplogroup N
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Haplogroup N (Y-DNA) descends from Haplogroup K (Y-DNA).

Haplogroup N (Y-DNA) represents one of the twenty major branches of the Y chromosome as defined by the Y Chromosome Consortium (YCC2008).

Haplogroup NO & N (Y-DNA) SNPs[edit]

  • rs2032674 M214, Page39 - derived haplogroup NO1 (K2a)
  • rs2196155 P195.1 - derived haplogroup NO1 (K2a)

- Noteː the same SNP is in Haplogroup I (Y-DNA) as P195.2, derived haplogroup I2a2a1b2a2a1a1a1a2

  • rs9341278 M231, Page91 - derived haplogroup N
  • rs34581739 F3373, M2283, Page56, S323 - derived haplogroup N1~
  • rs34442126 M46, Page70, Tat - derived haplogroup N1a1
  • rs4027562 L58 - derived haplogroup N1a1a1a1a1a1a2a1~
  • rs9786819 P189.2 - derived haplogroup N2a

- Noteː the same SNP is in Haplogroup E (Y-DNA) as P189.1, derived haplogroup E1b1a1

Haplogroup N (Y-DNA) in publications[edit]

Y-chromosome haplogroup N can be tracked along a long counter-clockwise Northern route from Southeast Asia towards Europe.

Haplogroup N (Y-DNA) in publications based on contemporary DNA[edit]

[PMID 26132657OA-icon.png] Vestiges of an Ancient Border in the Contemporary Genetic Diversity of North-Eastern Europe

[PMID 25857199OA-icon.png] Genetic characterization of populations of the Volga-Ural region according to the variability of the Y-chromosome.

[PMID 25508134OA-icon.png] Gene-pool structure of Tuvinians inferred from Y-chromosome marker data.

[PMID 25258186] Y-SNP L1034: limited genetic link between Mansi and Hungarian-speaking populations.

[PMID 25090432OA-icon.png] Genetic structure of Qiangic populations residing in the western Sichuan corridor.

[PMID 23840409OA-icon.png] Genetic evidence of an East Asian origin and paleolithic northward migration of Y-chromosome haplogroup N.

[PMID 23782551OA-icon.png] Autosomal and uniparental portraits of the native populations of Sakha (Yakutia): implications for the peopling of Northeast Eurasia.

[PMID 23755537] Haplotype diversity in mtDNA and Y-chromosome in populations of Altai-Sayan region

[PMID 22968131OA-icon.png] Contemporary paternal genetic landscape of Polish and German populations: from early medieval Slavic expansion to post-World War II resettlements.

[PMID 23341985OA-icon.png] Paleo-Balkan and Slavic contributions to the genetic pool of Moldavians: insights from the Y chromosome.

[PMID 20837606OA-icon.png] Extended Y chromosome investigation suggests postglacial migrations of modern humans into East Asia via the northern route.

[PMID 19711091] Reduced-volume and low-volume typing of Y-chromosomal SNPs to obtain Finnish Y-chromosomal compound haplotypes

[PMID 19536171OA-icon.png] On the origin of Y-chromosome haplogroup N1b.

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[PMID 18179905OA-icon.png] Two sources of the Russian patrilineal heritage in their Eurasian context.

[PMID 17703276OA-icon.png] Y-chromosome haplogroup N dispersals from south Siberia to Europe.

[PMID 17436243OA-icon.png] The Himalayas as a Directional Barrier to Gene Flow

[PMID 17149388OA-icon.png] A counter-clockwise northern route of the Y-chromosome haplogroup N from Southeast Asia towards Europe.

Haplogroup N (Y-DNA) in ancientDNA publications[edit]

[PMID 25938511OA-icon.png] Ancient DNA reveals that the genetic structure of the northern Han Chinese was shaped prior to 3,000 years ago.

[PMID 25546319OA-icon.png] Ancient DNA reveals a migration of the ancient Di-qiang populations into Xinjiang as early as the early Bronze Age.

[PMID 25334030OA-icon.png] Genome flux and stasis in a five millennium transect of European prehistory.

[PMID 24079706OA-icon.png] Y Chromosome analysis of prehistoric human populations in the West Liao River Valley, Northeast China..

[PMID 21938002] Genetic characteristics and migration history of a bronze culture population in the West Liao-River valley revealed by ancient DNA.

Haplogroup N Tree and its subclades[edit]

ISOGG N Tree: ISOGG Y-DNA Haplogroup N and its subclades (Version 12.213, 10th August 2017)

Y-DNA SNP index 2017 by International Society of Genetic Genealogy ISOGG

YFull Experimental Tree YFull Experimental Tree N (version 5.05, 10th August 2017)