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Haplogroup I1 (Y-DNA)

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Haplogroup I1
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Haplogroup I1 (Y-DNA) represents one of the two branches of Haplogroup I (Y-DNA) as defined by the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree 2010 [1].

Subclade I1 (Haplogroup I1 (Y-DNA)) is found mostly in Northern Europe, while subclade I2 (Haplogroup I2 (Y-DNA)) is the most frequent haplogroup in Eastern Europe and the Balkans. [PMID 18385274]

Haplogroup I1 (Y-DNA) is defined in the ISOGG 2010 by five public mutations (in addition to several private SNP markers). This haplogroup is defined in genoset gs198.

The ISOGG 2010 chart [2] includes the following subclades for Haplogroup I1 along with the mutations and genosets that define them:

ISOGG 26. April 2014 revision[edit]

On 27 April 2012 SNP Z131/S249 was added on I1 tree upstream of the existing subclades, which are now subclades of I1a1. The haplogroups which can be directly recognized by 23andMe microarray haven't changed, but I1-subclades gained new names, and were re-organized into new branches. I1b M227 is now I1a1a, I1b1 M72 is I1a1a1, I1d L22/S142 is I1a1b and I1d1 P109 is I1a1b1. Private SNP's, found in only genealogically closely linked individuals so far, have been removed from the tree, and individuals in them are now likely in the I1*. Some sources, such as 23andMe, still use older versions of the tree.

Since the haplogroup (phylogenic) tree will likely continue branching at different points as new branching SNP's are discovered, the use of subclade designations, particularly without year reference, is open to considerable confusion. FTDNA has also chosen to diverge from the ISOGG tree. In general it is better to use the general haplogroup, such as I1, and terminal SNP found in leftmost column of the below table instead. Next gen sequencing is making even this classification difficult due to the difficulty of identifying and matching terminal (ie. most recently occurred mutation tested for) SNP's. On 30. April 2014 ISOGG announced changes in their SNP inclusion criteria allowing including SNP's directly from next gen sequencing, and converting to use database which will hopefully make matching subclades easier in the future.

SNP Haplogroup Aka RefSNP GRCh37 Mutation
CTS5783 I1 S63 rs17307252 16478520 A->G
CTS11042 I1 S66 rs871626 22914378 T->C
L64 I1 rs17221531 9984932 C->T
L75 I1 rs111697819 19048605 T->A
L80 I1 rs35960273 14640715 A->G
L81 I1 rs3906451 22513726 A->C
L118 I1 rs17307007 15500110 A->C
L121 I1 S62 rs17222167 16377198 A->G
L123 I1 rs17307315 16693257 C->T
L124 I1 S64 rs17307586 17766762 T->C
L125 I1 S65 rs17249791 18759669 T->C
L157.1 I1 rs17222657 18562707 T->A
L186 I1 18077293 A->del
L187 I1 18077297 A->T
L840 I1 rs17250114 20834703 C->G
L845 I1 S110; YSC0000278 rs17316639 7652844 T->G
M253 I1 rs9341296 15022707 C->T
M307.2 I1 P203.2 rs13447354 22750951 G->A
M450 I1 S109 rs17316597 7548915 G->A
P30 I1 rs112707890 14496753 G->A
P40 I1 rs113686221 14484394 C->T
P203.2 I1 M307.2 rs13447354 22750951 G->A
S62 I1 L121 rs17222167 16377198 A->G
S63 I1 CTS5783 rs17307252 16478520 A->G
S64 I1 L124 rs17307586 17766762 T->C
S65 I1 L125 rs17249791 18759669 T->C
S66 I1 CTS11042 rs871626 22914378 T->C
S107 I1 rs17250310 6677619 A->C
S108 I1 rs17316192 6681479 A->C
S109 I1 M450 rs17316597 7548915 G->A
S110 I1 L845; YSC0000278 rs17316639 7652844 T->G
S111 I1 Y1868 rs17316702 8108722 G->A
Y1868 I1 S111 rs17316702 8108722 G->A
YSC0000278 I1 L845; S110 rs17316639 7652844 T->G
DF29 I1a S438 3626279 A->G
S438 I1a DF29 3626279 A->G
CTS6364 I1a1 Z2336 16850779 A->T
Z2336 I1a1 CTS6364 16850779 A->T
M227 I1a1a rs9341274 15591446 C->G
M72 I1a1a1 rs2032637 21894407 A->G
L22 I1a1b S142 rs34626372 8576009 A->C
S142 I1a1b L22 rs34626372 8576009 A->C
P109 I1a1b1 i4000146 15426005 C->T
L205 I1a1b2 S239 15477744 A->T
S239 I1a1b2 L205 15477744 A->T
Z74 I1a1b3 8073670 G->T
L287 I1a1b3a 7400134 G->A
L258 I1a1b3a1 S335 21892626 G->A
S335 I1a1b3a1 L258 21892626 G->A
L296 I1a1b3a1a 21740189 G->A
L813 I1a1b3b S436; Z719 7659777 A->G
S436 I1a1b3b L813; Z719 7659777 A->G
Z719 I1a1b3b L813; S436 7659777 A->G
L300 I1a1b4 S241 21892756 T->C
S241 I1a1b4 L300 21892756 T->C
S244 I1a2 Z58 9847423 T->C
Z58 I1a2 S244 9847423 T->C
S246 I1a2a Z59 16802360 G->T
Z59 I1a2a S246 16802360 G->T
S337 I1a2a1 Z60 18234588 C->G
S439 I1a2a1 Z61 19329927 G->T
Z60 I1a2a1 S337 18234588 C->G
Z61 I1a2a1 S439 19329927 G->T
Z62 I1a2a1 15616741 C->T
S440 I1a2a1a Z140 17863355 G->A
Z140 I1a2a1a S440 17863355 G->A
Z141 I1a2a1a 7530813 A->G
S1953 I1a2a1a1 Z2535 22142382 G->T
Z2535 I1a2a1a1 S1953 22142382 G->T
S1954 I1a2a1a1a YSC0000261 14976484 C->T
YSC0000261 I1a2a1a1a S1954 14976484 C->T
L338 I1a2a1a1a1 19092598 C->T
CTS10937 I1a2a1a1b S4698; Z2538 22844178 G->T
S4698 I1a2a1a1b CTS10937; Z2538 22844178 G->T
Z2538 I1a2a1a1b CTS10937; S4698 22844178 G->T
F2642 I1a2a1a2 S2169 17936279 G->A
S2169 I1a2a1a2 F2642 17936279 G->A
S247 I1a2a1b Z73 15224591 G->A
Z73 I1a2a1b S247 15224591 G->A
L1302 I1a2a1b1 16742479 A->C
L573 I1a2a1c 16020280 T->C
L1248 I1a2a1d 5274925 A->G
L803 I1a2a1d1 17599534 T->C
Z382 I1a2a2 3680849 G->C
S296 I1a2b Z138 15711340 C->G
S338 I1a2b Z139 21288655 G->T
Z138 I1a2b S296 15711340 C->G
Z139 I1a2b S338 21288655 G->T
Z2540 I1a2b 4160142 C->T
Z2541 I1a2b1 6757722 G->C
S243 I1a3 Z63 14401486 C->T
Z63 I1a3 S243 14401486 C->T
S2078 I1a3a 14994820 C->T
L1237 I1a3a1 21742084 A->G
S10360 I1a3a2 7570117 T->C
S15301 I1a3a2 14001162 G->T
S17023 I1a3a2 15345510 A->G
S26266 I1a3a2 28497864 A->T
S249 I1b Z131 5845252 G->A
Z131 I1b S249 5845252 G->A
CTS6397 I1b1 16870183 G->C
CTS7362 I (Investigation) S4713; Z2539 17443720 A->G
L234 I (Investigation) 7647407 C->A
L242 I (Investigation) 21642389 A->C
L387.2 I (Investigation) 3436223 T->C
L410 I (Investigation) 15425754 G->T
L672 I (Investigation) S327 rs112989530 22228628 T->A
L673 I (Investigation) 16492382 A->G
L700 I (Investigation) 2750000 T->C
L705.1 I (Investigation) S465.1 3436215 G->T
L706.1 I (Investigation) 3436218 G->A
L1224 I (Investigation) 3436363 C->T
L1274 I (Investigation) 6753377 G->A
L1275 I (Investigation) 23627096 C->G
P195.2 I (Investigation) rs2196155 22665262 A->G
S294 I (Investigation) Z106 9448420 C->T
S297 I (Investigation) Z718 7352846 G->A
S327 I (Investigation) L672 rs112989530 22228628 T->A
S336 I (Investigation) Z75 22216731 T->A
S465.1 I (Investigation) L705.1 3436215 G->T
S4713 I (Investigation) CTS7362; Z2539 17443720 A->G
V218.2 I (Investigation) rs112137450 6662712 C->T
Z75 I (Investigation) S336 22216731 T->A
Z106 I (Investigation) S294 9448420 C->T
Z109 I (Investigation) 14900533 C->T
Z112 I (Investigation) 16890675 C->T
Z118 I (Investigation) 20834727 A->G
Z119 I (Investigation) 21550809 T->A
Z124 I (Investigation) 22974926 T->C
Z125 I (Investigation) 23007332 C->G
Z718 I (Investigation) S297 7352846 G->A
Z2041 I (Investigation) 17571016 T->C
Z2539 I (Investigation) CTS7362; S4713 17443720 A->G
Page76 I (Notes) rs36044179 6938665 A->G
Page123 I (Notes) 14898383 G->A
L211 I (Private) 15019623 T->C
L592 I (Private) 21674188 T->G
M21 I (Private) rs3912 21732339 A->T
M161 I (Private) PF4447 i3000038 21717515 G->T
M379 I (Private) rs2032636- 15027529..15027530 GT->del
M507 I (Private) P259 i4000166 15591474 T->G
P259 I (Private) M507 i4000166 15591474 T->G
PF4447 I (Private) M161 i3000038 21717515 G->T
S79 I (Private) 22914353 A->G

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