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Obesity, becoming ever more common in modern societies, is often associated with serious health problems such as diabetes and heart disease. Obesity can be caused by a combination of too much food, too little exercise, and genetic susceptibility. Wikipedia Various genes are thought to affect susceptibility to obesity.

  • FTO is also called the fatso gene. Wikipedia
    • rs9939609 is associated with changes in BMI and obesity beginning at age 7.
    • rs1121980 is strongly associated with early onset obesity.
  • SCG3 may influence the risk of obesity through possible regulation of hypothalamic neuropeptide secretion. [PMID 17094264] In one study, two SNPs affected the transcriptional activity of SCG3, and subjects with the minor allele seemed to be resistant to obesity. [1]

Other SNPs that affect obesity:

  • rs6971091, in an uncharacterized gene on chromosome 7, is associated with more than doubled risk of obesity.

Other topics related to obesity: BMI may not reflect the amount of internal fat. [3]