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Blood pressure

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23andMe blog blood pressure rs17376328(A), rs5068, rs198358(C), rs632793(G)

23andMe blog

SNP Version Effect (mmHg) Odds of Hypertension Study Notes
Systolic Blood Pressure (SBP)
rs17367504 G -0.85 0.89 Global BPgen
rs12413409 G +1.16 1.16 Global BPgen Proxy for rs11191548
rs12946454 T +0.57 1.07 Global BPgen
rs1004467 A +1.05 Not Available CHARGE
rs381815 T +0.65 Not Available CHARGE
rs2681492 T +0.85 Not Available CHARGE Very close to the DBP associated SNP rs2681472
rs3184504 T +0.58 Not Available CHARGE
rs2384550 A -0.35 Not Available CHARGE
rs12413409 G SBP/+0.54 Proxy for rs11191548; may not be perfect proxy. South Asian Indians
Diastolic Blood Pressure (DBP)
rs16998073 T +0.5 1.1 Global BPgen
rs751891 T -0.39 0.95 Global BPgen Proxy for rs1530440
rs653178 T -0.46 0.93 Global BPgen/CHARGE CHARGE study identified rs3184504
rs1378942 C +0.43 1.1 Global BPgen A nearby, but not completely linked, SNP was identified in CHARGE
rs16948048 G +0.31 1.06 Global BPgen
rs10212536 G +0.49 Not Available CHARGE Proxy for rs9815354
rs11014166 A +0.37 Not Available CHARGE
rs2681472 A +0.5 Not Available CHARGE Very close to the SBP associated SNP rs2681492
rs6495122 A +0.4 Not Available CHARGE
rs16998073 T DBP/+0.76 South Asian Indians