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Becoming a public genome

From SNPedia

How did they become public genomes?

User:Watson and User:Venter were the earliest, but these days most of our genomes are less famous. SNPedia is grateful to these people for the way they've chosen to help us curate and interpret our own genomes. Understand that the founders of SNPedia are not among the public genomes. These days when someone contacts us and says they want to share, there is an emerging semi standard response email.

Thank you for your interest becoming a public genome on SNPedia. I am the right person to contact, but please understand that I wish to be responsible about doing this.

You will be revealing information about yourself but also about the genome which you share with your relatives. Once published, your information will probably remain forever in the history of the web via http://www.archive.org and similar sites. At some point in the future new snps might be discovered which would reveal details which you might not feel comfortable with making public.

Assume that you carry rs666(A;A). It is one of the millions of SNPs in your data which seems to be meaningless. The day after you make your genome a part of the internet's permanent history, there will be a study published which tells us all the terrible things about rs666.


Read rs666 and think about that for a while.

If you understand and accept all of these risks, please respond with

1. an explanation of *why* you wish to do this

2. your genome raw data as an attachment.

3. If possible a photograph to provide a phenotype to go with your genotypes.

4. A username for your genome. spaces are ok, but the first letter must be a capital.

No it doesn't say who to email, because I'm still not quite eager or prepared to accept genomes so readily. But now you know how they got here. My hope is that someone reading this will edit the page, and below here leave their own questions and thoughts about this topic.

http://www.genomesunzipped.org/2010/10/why-public-genomics-is-not-a-purely-personal-decision.php has more good information about this decision process

If you have already put your raw data online, you may wish to add it to this spreadsheet