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Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is a part of Gene by Gene, Ltd. The Gene By Gene, Ltd, has its own accredited and registered laboratory used by FTDNA and healthcare organizations etc. E.g. FTDNA is National Geographic's partner in their Genographic Project.

FamilyTreeDNA has several types of tests: Y-DNA, mtDNA and autosomal (including X chromosome) tests. Especially the FTDNA autosomal & X chromosome SNP test (Family Finder) data can be used with SNPedia / Promethease.

The .fasta file of mtDNA is not supported by Promethease.

How to download mtDNA fasta file: https://www.familytreedna.com/learn/user-guide/mtdna-myftdna/mt-results-page/

Family Finder: autosomal & X chromosome SNP test

The FTDNA Family Finder test (autosomal & X chromosome) uses Illumina OmniExpress microarray chip. The chip includes about 696,800 SNPs for autosomal and X (but not Y or mitochondrial) ancestry testing for $99. In chips manufactured on or after December 2012 the number of SNPs on the OmniExpress chip was reduced by Illumina from the original 707,000 SNPs to 696,800.

The chip changed again slightly by the end of 2013, when supplies moved from 12 to 24 samples per plate. FTDNA accepts autosomal raw data transfer from 23andMe. See FTDNA guide for 23andMeTransfer.

Family Finder test build 36 raw data file done in March 2014 with the 24 sample chip contained 693,733 autosomal SNP's and 17,691 X-chromosome SNP's for 711,424 total including no-calls and SNP's otherwise not recognized by Promethease. Some 12,732 of these have annotations in SNPedia. FTDNA Family Finder test does not report Y-chromosome and mitochondrial SNP's, and suppresses some other SNP's on the chip. Build 37 files have 27 fewer SNP's listed, likely because they are no longer mapped on it.

How to read Family Finder raw data: https://www.familytreedna.com/learn/autosomal-ancestry/universal-dna-matching/read-family-finder-raw-data-file-2/

How to download Family Finder raw data: https://www.familytreedna.com/learn/autosomal-ancestry/universal-dna-matching/may-download-family-finder-raw-data/

Promethease is able to test at least these 6262 of the 76136 snps in SNPedia.

Promethease now makes it possible to upload both the autosomal and the X chromosome files, and label both as 'Self' for a single $7 report, This should produce the best possible results.

There are 4 files of raw data from ftdna. Which one or more do you need uploaded, to produce the report?

  • (kit #)_Autosomal_o36_Results_(date).csv.gz
  • (kit #)_Autosomal_o37_Results_(date).csv.gz
  • (kit #)_XChromosome_o36_Results_(date).csv.gz
  • (kit #)_XChromosome_o37_Results_(date).csv.gz
you will get the best results by using
  • (kit #)_Autosomal_o37_Results_(date).csv.gz
  • (kit #)_XChromosome_o37_Results_(date).csv.gz


Y-DNA is tested separately, not as a part of Family Finder. The FTDNA BIG Y product launched in autumn 2013 uses next-generation sequencing for the Y-Chromosome. Illumina HiSeq 2000 gives 11,500,000 - 12,500,000 million base-pairs of positions of non-recombining Y-Chromosome. The BIG Y data is available as VCF and BED files and in the form of a BAM file (on request).


mtDNA .fasta[edit]

mtDNA is tested separately, not as a part of Family Finder. The FTDNA mitochondrial DNA test uses next-generation sequencing technology. mtDNA test raw data is given as a fasta file, which Promethease cannot help with without a conversion.

How to download mtDNA fasta file: https://www.familytreedna.com/learn/user-guide/mtdna-myftdna/mt-results-page/


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