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Zocor is the brand name for the statin drug known chemically as simvastatin.

Zocor therapy is an example of a statin therapy that has been shown to substantially reduce the risk of coronary events in carriers of the risk allele for SNP rs20455.[PMID 18222353]

However, Zocor use (or use of any statin, in fact) may lead to increased risk for myopathy if the risk alleles of SNPs rs4149056 or rs4363657 are present. A large (>20,000 individuals) study concluded, for example, that carriers of one rs4149056(C) allele increased myopathy risk ~5 fold, and carrying two copies increased risk 17 fold, at least when the daily simvastatin dose was either 40 or 80mg.[PMID 18650507]