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Watching Pages

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There are many features in SNPedia that allow you to easily keep track of changes to pages you are interested in. In addition to Recent Changes which shows all recent updates to the wiki, if you are a registered user you can set up a watchlist that keeps track of pages you are interested in. You will be automatically notified when pages on your watchlist change.

Managing Watchlist[edit]

Once you login, there is a link labeled either "watch" or "unwatch" at the top of each page, depending on whether the current page is already on your watchlist.

  • By clicking on "watch", you will add the current page (and its corresponding Talk Page) to the list of pages that are on your watchlist.
  • Click on "unwatch" to remove the current page (and its corresponding Talk Page) from your watchlist.

When saving an edited page, you can also change the watch status by checking or unchecking the "Watch this page" checkbox.

You can watch a page that does not exist yet (this is often the case with talk pages). You will be notified when the new page has been created.

My Watchlist[edit]

Once you login, a link labeled "my watchlist" is available at the top right corner of each page. This page acts as a custom Recent Changes page by listing all pages in your current watchlist. Pages on your watchlist are listed in reverse chronological order based on the last time that the page was edited. In Recent Changes and Related Changes pages, watched pages will appear bolded.

Each line shows the details of the last edit: the time when the edit was made, whether the edit was minor, the difference between the current version and the previous one, the history, and the username and edit summary.


There are several important limitations to the watchlist function:

  • Watchlist detects changes in the content of the article (wikitext) only
  • Moved pages do not show up on the watchlist