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ExPublic Genomes
Summary 23andMe, Navigenics, deCODEme

Kevin Davies

Kevin Davies, Ph.D., is the author of Cracking the Genome. He is currently Editor-in-Chief of Bio•IT World, a monthly magazine covering enabling technology in the life sciences. He was the founding editor of Nature Genetics, the world’s leading genetics journal, which he headed for its first five years. He has also written for the Times (London), Boston Globe, New England Journal of Medicine, New Scientist, and Prospect. Davies holds an M.A. in biochemistry from the University of Oxford and a Ph.D in molecular genetics from the University of London. He lives in Lexington, Massachusetts, with his wife and two teenage children.

He has written http://www.bio-itworld.com/news/12/08/09/pathway-and-me-consumer-genomics-results.html about his experience as one of the first customers of Pathway Genomics.

His promethease report is updated regularly.