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  • "rs3829241","11","68611939","AG"
Genotype Effect
rs3829241(A;A)* ?
rs3829241(A;G)* ?
rs3829241(G;G)* ?
  • rs4911442 20 32818707 AA
Genotype Effect
rs4911442(A;A)* ?
rs4911442(A;G)* ?
rs4911442(G;G)* ?

Influences appearance gnxp

  • "rs642742","12","87823877","TC"=AG
Orientation minus
Genotype Effect
rs642742(A;A)* ?
rs642742(A;G)* ?
rs642742(G;G)* ?

For the rs642742 SNP (184745.0002), located 326 kb upstream of the KITLG transcription start site, the frequency of the ancestral A allele is at least 92% in West Africans, whereas the frequency of the derived G allele is at least 86% in Europeans and East Asians. Admixture mapping suggested that replacement of AA with GG in the rs642742 SNP may account for a lightening of a person's skin by 6 to 7 melanin units. In comparison, the overall skin reflectance difference between West Africans and Europeans is 30 melanin units.

  • rs17822931 16 46815699 CC
Rs17822931(C;C) wet earwax
Rs17822931(C;T) 2 wet earwax
Rs17822931(T;T) dry earwax

  • "rs26722","5","33999627","CC"
Genotype Effect
rs26722(C;C) normal
rs26722(C;T) perhaps darker eye, hair, skin/2.1 magnitude
rs26722(T;T) darker eye, hair, skin color

Although the rs26722(T) alllele is relatively rare, at least statistically it seems to be associated with darker eye, hair, and skin color, all other things being equal.[PMID 15714523]