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Hair Coloring[edit]

  • "rs1805005","16","88513345","GG"
rs1805005, known as Val60Leu or V60L, is a SNP in the MC1R gene associated with light blond hair color in one study. [PMID 9302268]
The risk allele is rs1805005(T), compared with the wild-type rs1805005(G) allele.
  • "rs1805008","16","88513645","CC"
Genotype Effect
rs1805008(C;T) None
rs1805008(T;T) ~7-10x higher likelihood of red hair
  • "rs2228479","16","88513441","GG"
rs2228479, known as Val92Met or V92M, is one of several SNPs in the MC1R gene commonly associated with red (or blond) hair and poor tanning, but note its high presence in one Asian population [PMID 7581459, PMID 16463023]
The risk allele is rs2228479(A), compared with the wild-type rs2228479(G) allele.
  • "rs1805006","16","88513419","CC"
The risk allele is rs1805006(A), compared with the wild-type rs1805006(C) allele.
Allelic odds ratio for pale skin(P-value)=5.19(<1.0e-5)MC1R*D84E rs1805006 :http://genepi.qimr.edu.au/contents/p/staff/Duffyetal_JID_520-528Jan10.pdf
rs1805006, known as Asp84Glu or D84E, is one of several SNPs in the MC1R gene associated with higher risk of melanoma. [PMID 8894704]