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Summary 23andMe v2 & Affymetrix Axiom, male, Korean
Promethease report
Summary 23andMe v2 + Axiom pooled

ChangBum Hong PubMed

2011.5~ KT Korea Telecom

2004~2011 Bioinformatics researcher from National Institute of Health, KOREA

23andMe raw data is available from his blog in Korean (English translation)

April 9, 2009. 23andMe Revision Raw Data is available.

June 4, 2009. 23andMe Revision Raw Data: Y-Chromosome SNPs Updated

March 25, 2010. 23andMe Revision Raw Data: Analysis of our data has allowed us to improve the interpretation of several dozen SNPs. A portion of the SNPs are on the mitochondrial chromosome. In the next couple of days, customers may see changes in calls for those SNPs

Feb 5, 2011. Affymetrix Axiom Data is available.