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UCD contig 18264438
SGN tomato sgn-U217517
Arabidopis AT1G48050
KEGG AT1G48050
PPDB AT1G48050
TIGR AT1G48050
Salk AT1G48050
Cornell F2 map position 1.058
UCD Arabidopsis annotation Ku80 family protein, identical to Ku80-like protein (Arabidopsis thaliana) GI:12006422 ( 18402015 NP_564520.1 CDS forward ) SINGLE_SPLICE_VAR CHROM_POS_START:17727167 CHROM_POS_END:17730528 MIDDLE_POINT:17728847 CHROM_ID:1 Arabidopsis
UCD tomato GB num BM412808
UCD Primer SL10030
Sequenced in Pools2
Sequenced in lines SL10030
Polymorphic SL10030
Not polymorphic
SNP SL10030
SGN Annotation #Lycopersicon Combined #3 [13 ESTs aligned] arabidopsis/peptide: At1g48050.1 68408.m04906 regulatory protein -related contains Pfam profile: PF02197 Regulatory subunit of type II PKA R-subunit (evalue: 1e-159, score=538.5) genbank/nr: gi19401142
SGN tomato copy num M
Arabidopsis copy num S
SGN potato 250066
SGN potato copy num S
SGN pepper
SGN pepper copy num
SGN coffee 127608
SGN coffee copy num S
Tomato Chr 1
Map confidenceI
SL10030 490490
SL10030 511511

This data is based on a pubmed paper [PMID 18088428]. That paper included an Excel file that identified approximately 1500 snps in a format which could be bulk imported.