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https://www.tellmegen.com/ is not Promethease compatible

Tellmegen does something odd with their data. Promethease does not understand the http://snpedia.com/index.php/Orientation they use.

Promethease does not work reliably with tellmegen

as of Oct 2018 their file format is now a single vague comment line

# rsid  chromosome      position        genotype
1KG_1_100177980 1       100177980       DD
1KG_1_108681808 1       108681808       DD

a single comment line, with no identification of their name, and masking as a dozen other vague non formats we also need to support. So expect a TON of flips and unintelligible results if you have tellmegen data. You might still derive some value if you disable 'Homozyg'.