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Alternative Population Sources[edit]

  • This population is posted here because of the desire not to mix it or confuse it with the standard population. John Lloyd Scharf 00:22, 10 November 2011 (UTC)
? (G;G) (G;T) (TT)

Risk Allele is G for age-related macular degeneration and Neovascularization[edit]

A 2011 publication [PMID 22058336] states:

"rs2872060 in IGF1R revealed a significant association with advanced AMD (P-Allele=0.0009, P-Trend=0.0008; significance level was set at 0.05/25=0.002 for multiple comparisons). The risk allele (G) in the heterozygous and homozygous state (OR=1.67 and 2.93; 95% CI: 1.03-2.71 and 1.60-5.36, respectively) suggests susceptibility and suggests an additive effect on AMD risk. Further stratification analysis remained significant for both neovascularization (OR=1.49 and 2.61; 95% CI: 0.90-2.48 and 1.39-4.90, respectively) and geographic atrophy (OR=2.57 and 4.52; 95% CI: 0.99-6.71 and 1.49-13.74, respectively). The G allele . . . was significant for neovascularization (P=0.042) but not for geographic atrophy (P=0.47)."

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