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Research Comment Contradicts Findings Of Research Cited[edit]

  • Statement says-
[PMID 19412133] Polymorphisms in glyoxalase 1 gene are not associated with vascular complications: the Hoorn and CoDAM studies.

Research Abstract says, -

All genotyped SNPs were in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium. Prevalence of hypertension and markers of atherosclerosis, arterial stiffness, renal function and AGEs did not differ across genotypes of the nine SNPs. In additive models, SNP18 (rs2736654) was associated with pulse pressure [-1.20 mmHg (95% confidence interval: -2.26;-0.14)] and SNP40 (rs10484854) was associated with systolic blood pressure [-1.77 mmHg (-3.40;-0.14)].
Polymorphisms in the GLO1 gene are not associated with the prevalence of hypertension, markers of atherosclerosis, renal function and AGEs and are weakly associated with pulse pressure and systolic blood pressure (possibly due to chance) in two Dutch cohorts of patients with normal glucose metabolism, impaired glucose metabolism and type 2 diabetes mellitus
  • If this SNP is not relevant, why is it mentioned?

John Lloyd Scharf 21:39, 2 November 2011 (UTC)