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i4000186(C;C) seems to be an ancestral allele of IJ rather than indicative of only I Haplogroup[edit]

  • The i4000186(C;C) mutation is a reliable indicator of Haplogroup I (Y-DNA) and is also referred to as P38+.
This does not seem to be a reliable statement. I am J1c3d according to extensive testing by FTDNA. 23andMe uses the more well documented designation of J1e. Results using this as a criteria would make me I haplotype.
  • These are my 23andMe results:
Indicates Haplogroup J1
rs9341313 Y 21151206 G
Indicates Haplogroup I
i4000186 Y 12994387 C
  • It would seem the i4000185 SNP is ancestral and either IJK or IJ.