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Paying for a promethease.com report follows these steps

  1. user uploads raw data.
  2. promethease verifies that the file format is understood
  3. promethease requests a $5 payment, and shows buttons that choose to pay via stripe.com
  4. user picks a payment method and approves the payment
  5. promethease prompts for a name for the job and an email
  6. report is generated for ~10 minutes
  7. a link to the report is emailed to the user
  8. payment is charged

So when the you supply credit card details you are approving the payment.

The actual charge only happens after delivering a report.

If you interrupt the process after approving payment, you can trust that you will not be charged. Otherwise the approval will timeout after 1 week. It seems that this may appear on your card immediately after approval, but will appear as a credit or cancellation approximately 1 week later.