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Promethease/Stripe Remember Me

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This page documents a recurring complaint and the steps that you must take to remove your information.

Sample Email 1.

I didn’t mean to leave my credit card info on file. But since I did not create a log in to retrieve my report, I cannot change my election. How would i go about changing my election?

Sample Email2.

When I saved my information as I purchased my report, I meant to save my email address for what I thought would be log in purposes. I did not mean to save my credit card information. I can not find anyplace to delete this information. Can you help me? I do not like saving my credit card information on line.

Sample Email 3.

I got a text from STRIPE. which thanked me for saving my payment information. I did not do that. I never do that. If that happened, it was because it was not a straight forward process. They also have my cell phone number. Again...I never give that out???? Real big question mark here. I do not want my payment information or telephone number saved. I want it removed and I want proof of that.

I completely agree about this being a poor aspect of stripe.com's user interface. It will hopefully shame Stripe into improving their interface in this regard.

Promethease uses Stripe.com to process payments. Promethease.com never sees your full credit card info, and never stores any of it. If you check the optional 'Remember Me' box during your payment, they store your info so that it can be reused on other internet sites. I trust they do this with the utmost regard for security, but it's a problem that there is no way for you to automatically remove your own info.

The only solution[edit]

is for you to email support@stripe.com or contact them via https://support.stripe.com/email and tell them 'remove my information' . They will need your name and phone number to identify your previously stored credentials.


Via https://stackoverflow.com/questions/22191882/how-to-remove-remember-me-everywhere-option-from-stripe-checkout-form I've removed the 'Remember Me' checkbox.