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Page History

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A powerful feature of a wiki is its ability to keep track of all the changes that have been made to an article after it has been created. Using the page history functionality, you can see when changes were made to an article and an indication of who made the change.

You can access the page history by clicking on the 'history' tab at the top of each page.

Using Page History[edit]

Each page edit is displayed on a single line. Each line consists of additional details about the edit: user who made the edit, when the edit was made and an edit summary.

View Specific Version[edit]

  • To view a specific version of a page, click on the date with the corresponding edit line
  • If you wish to link to a specific version of a page, follow these steps:
    • Navigate to the current version of the page
    • Click on history (top bar)
    • Click on the date that correspond to the specific version desired
    • Copy the web address (URL) from your browser's address bar

Note: Minor edits made by registered users are marked with m.

Compare Different Versions[edit]

Select Different Versions[edit]

  • Click on cur to see differences from the current version of the article
  • Click on last to see differences from the preceding version of the article
  • You can also use the radio buttons next to the edit lines to select any two versions of the article you wish to compare. The left button is used to select the older version and the right button is used to select the newer version.

Diff Pages[edit]

Once you have selected the two versions of the article you wish to compare from the Page History page, you will enter into the Diff page.

The two versions you have selected are shown side-by-side in the Diff page. The top of the Diff page shows basic user information and the edit summaries for the two versions. You can use the Talk link to initiate a conversion with other wiki users regarding their edits.

Color Code on Diff Pages[edit]

Differences between the two pages are highlighted in color. The basic color scheme is as follow:

  • Paragraphs that differ in the two versions are highlighted (yellow in the old version, green in the new version)
  • New text within an existing paragraph is highlighted in red in the new version
  • New text in a new paragraph is highlighted in black in the new version.
  • Unchanged text is in grey

Please refer to the mediawiki documentation for additional information on "Page History".