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Navigation Sidebar

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The Navigation Sidebar allows users to quickly navigate to specific sections of the wiki. The following are brief descriptions for each link.


These links allow you to jump to Special pages in the wiki

  • SNPedia
    • Front page of the wiki
  • FAQ
    • Frequently asked questions
  • Blog
    • Blog about SNPedia and related software
  • Current events
    • Occasional events to note
  • Recent changes
    • Recent changes, in reverse chronological order
  • Random page
    • Browse SNPedia randomly


The search feature is fully explained on here.


The content of the toolbox may change depending on the page you are on. Some of the more useful pages include:

  • What links here
    • All the other pages that are linked to the page you're currently viewing
  • Upload file
    • Allows users to upload files (such as images) to SNPedia
  • Special pages
    • A list of all of the special pages within SNPedia
  • Printable version
    • Converts the current wiki page to a more printer-friendly format
  • Permanent link
    • Creates a static link to a particular version of a SNPedia page