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Keeping Pages Organized

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In order to keep the wiki organized, please follow these guidelines when you create a new page:

Key Points[edit]

  • All pages should belong to a category or have the double { } brackets indicating a Template to be used
  • Use "Show Preview" for experimentation
  • Only wiki Admins should move or redirect existing pages
  • Only wiki Admins should delete pages

How to Add Pages to a Category[edit]

  • Knowing what template applies to your type of page (which you learn by clicking on the 'edit' of similar pages and studying before exiting without saving), place the correct information for your page within double { } brackets at the top of your page when you create it;


  • Determine the existing category that is appropriate for your page from the Special:Categories page(s)
  • Add the following tag to the end of the page

[[Category:<Category Name>]]