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GeneTest SNPs on Arrays

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[PMID 20556870] Supplemental Digital Content 1, [1]

Array with GeneTest SNP Proxy for GeneTest SNP Array with GeneTest proxy SNP
rs12530380 AG
rs13078881 AG
rs6025 IM,IMD,IBC rs6025: rs1894692, r^2=1
rs11466023 AG,IBC; rs11466024 AG,IBC rs11466023: rs11466024; rs11466024: rs11466023 rs11466024 AG,IBC; rs11466023 AG,IBC
rs2070074 A6,I3,I5,I6,I6Q,IM, IMD,IC,ICQ rs2070075: rs12553321, r^2=1 rs12553321 IM,IMD
rs1050828 A6,I1,IM,IMD,IBC
rs17107315 AG,IM,IMD
rs1799945 IM,IMD,IBC; rs1800562 AS,A5,A6,I3,I5,I6, I6Q,IM,IMD,IC,ICQ,IBC rs1799945: rs198846, r^2=1; rs129128, r^2=1; rs198833, r^2=1 rs198846: I6,IM,IMD; rs129128: AN,A5,A6,I3,I5,I6,I6Q,IM,IMD, IC,ICQ
rs1801133 AH,I1,I3,I5,I6,I6Q,IM,IMD,IC,ICQ,IBC rs1801131 A6,I6Q,IM,IMD,IBC rs1801131: rs4846049, r^2=1 rs4846049 IBC