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Folate is a B vitamin. The natural source of folate is green leafy vegetables. Folate supplements are usually in the biologically inactive form folic acid, or vitamin B9. Less common forms of supplementation are l-methylfolate and folinic acid.

Folate is involved in a wide variety of biological functions, and many genes use folate or convert the various forms of folate. Folate deficiency can cause birth defects, so it is commonly used as a supplement during pregnancy. Wikipedia

The associations between folate levels, vitamin B12 and homocysteine with heart disease risk is controversial. In one of the largest studies (over 50,000 individuals) to date, researchers reported finding no evidence for "positive association of homocysteine or negative associations of folate and vitamin B12 with CAD/MI". [PMID 27901035OA-icon.png]

Folate related genes: