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Edit Toolbar

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On most browsers, an edit toolbar is automatically displayed when you edit a page. This toolbar can help you add formatting to your wiki pages even if you are unfamiliar with the wiki text syntax. Registered users are shown an expanded toolbar.

Using the Toolbar[edit]

You can use most buttons on the toolbar for either a new text or existing text. Buttons that can only apply to new text include the Restrict Page, Signature, and the Horizontal Line buttons.

Change Format of Existing Text[edit]

  1. Select the text you wish to change
  2. Click on the desired button on the Edit toolbar
  3. The selected text should now be in the proper wikitext format

If you click on an Edit button without selecting any text, the editor may insert sample text into the wiki markup.

List of Available Buttons[edit]

Icon Purpose
File:Bold icon.png Bold text
File:Italic icon.png Italicize text
File:Link icon.png Create an internal link
File:Extlink icon.png Create an external link
File:Headline icon.png Add section heading
File:Image icon.png Insert images
File:Media icon.png Insert other media files
File:Math icon.png Insert math formula
File:Nowiki icon.png Display text literally
File:Sig icon.png Sign talk comments
File:Hr icon.png Add a horizontal line